30° - Exclusives Watch 2008 Rev. 0.5 writes:

"Welcome to the second revision of's 'Exclusives Watch 2008'.

Changes, which are detailed here, include updated listings of exclusives and dates. Also, instead of just looking at how many console platform exclusives could be found on the PS3, Xbox 360 and the Wii in the 2008 calendar year, we've added the one criteria people have been wondering about as well: the quality of these exclusives.

Who has the most quality exclusives?
Who has the least?
Is it really quality over quantity for the PS3?"

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shadowghost7523747d ago

Interesting how they only have SCEA published games for PS3 do SCEE not publish games anymore?

QuickSave3746d ago

Since we're accounting for North America exclusives, it's only natural to find that majority of the titles are from SCEA.