Live "The Life" on PS3 with NBA 09: The Inside

PlayStation Blog: I'm Brandon Akiaten, Producer/Director of 'The Life' for NBA 09 The Inside. This year is our debut of 'The Life' onto the PS3. We introduced this feature previously on the PS2 version and our goal was to bring the end user closer to the experience of an NBA player. Beyond the bright lights, the hardwood floor, and the excitement of the crowd, our goal was to show that it takes more than practice to make it as an NBA star. We want the end user to experience the conflicts, the victories, the losses, the limelight and all that comes with the entire package… a perspective that very few get to see.

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blu3print3723d ago

Cool trailer, you're not only a baller on court but off... for fans who really want to emulate life of a nba star from the blacktop to the hardwood

You bought an Xbox3723d ago

Forget the NBA crap
Live the Life on PS3

Ha Ha !!!!!!!!

PoSTedUP3723d ago (Edited 3723d ago )

yup, this is a must buy! PS3 Exclusives FTW! (i only buy ps3 exclusives btw)

oh man this trailer got me hype....

biggiechubbs3723d ago

This game actually looks to be very cool. I have not been into b-ball games since Dr. J and Larry bird one on one on the good ole commodore 64