Newell confirms Left 4 Dead demo details

Gabe Newell, managing director and co-founder of Valve, has confirmed plans for an Xbox 360 and PC demo of hotly anticipated zombie shoot-em-up Left 4 Dead. He confirmed that it will include the first part of one of the four campaign 'movies', probably The Hospital level that has been demonstrated to the press.

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lunaticpanda1013724d ago

what about the ps3...oh yeah they'll be missing out on this great game while they play crappy games on their crappy console in their crappy homes!

You bought an Xbox3724d ago

You Bought an Xbox

Ha Ha Looser !!!!

Drekken3724d ago

You can keep this game. GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARBAGE.

Crapbox3603724d ago

You can keep this piece of sh*t game. :-)

Common Sense3724d ago

I'll rather have Mass Effect, the only 360 game I want. Gears 2 will rock. Fable 2 will rock. L4D will be suck and will be left for dead.

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SacredENA3724d ago

At least we have homes. What happened, your RROD machine burned your house down and your bitter?? mwAAHaHAHahhaH!!!!

lunaticpanda1013724d ago

yeah well....................ps3 sucks!! shame

Crapbox3603724d ago

Correction: THE 360 SUCKS!

lunaticpanda1013724d ago

yeah i know the ps3's a failure, u finally agree now

ToastyMcNibbles3724d ago (Edited 3724d ago )

well lunatic enjoy left 4 dead...let me ask you though as a gamer...what game should i play first...socom confrontation? how about littlebigplanet?...hmm naruto ultimate ninja storm? no wait motorstorm pacific rift! hold on hold on i got it i should play resistance 2 right!? you = lame

lunaticpanda1013723d ago

naruto ultimate ninja storm? i think u can keep that one for urself.

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The story is too old to be commented.