Available Now: Rocketball, Samurai Showdown 2, Shotest Shogi on Arcade

Rocketball, Samurai Showdown 2, and Shotest Shogi are available now on Xbox LIVE Arcade!

In summary:

- Rocketball - 800 Microsoft Points
- Samurai Showdown 2 - 800 Microsoft Points
- Shotest Shogi - 800 Microsoft Points

Stotest Shogi is a strategic chess-like game that is a massive hit over in Japan and supports Xbox LIVE play.

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Stryfeno23695d ago


*runs to download Samurai Showdown 2*

KrisXX3695d ago

He said SS2 was only going to be 400pts!! ugh!!

dachiefsman3695d ago

I loved this game in the arcade back in the day. If it plays the same, I will download it. I wish I had some free MS points though.