The newer, slimmer PlayStation 2 is finally here

GamingIndians reports:
Launching just in time for the holiday season (Diwali), the new-look PS2 will sport a new dual-shade look, a sleeker design and a built-in AC adapter. The PS2 also sees a mild price revision from the current Rs 6,990 to Rs 6,490 ($150), with a free game thrown in for good measure. And with PS2 games available for as low as Rs 499 ($11), Sony is looking to solidify the PS2's position as India's most preferred entry-level console.

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InfiniteUnfloppery3724d ago

Console Support is Guaranteed.

Mr_Bun3724d ago

Finally, a console that the 360 can compete with!

Crapbox3603724d ago

I agree.

Such an amazing system.

Mr_Bun3724d ago

You are right...I didn't mean to insult the PS2!

Crapbox3603724d ago

You better be sorry. :-)



Dyingduck3724d ago

150 USD vs 200 USD
DVDs vs DVDs
RPGS vs RPGS (rofl...PS2 is KING of RPGs)

Bring it on!

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THWIP3724d ago

Maybe they'll release a crappy Mercs 2 Bundle; the PS2 sucks. :o

felidae3724d ago

yeah right, the ps2 svcks .. that's why it sold over 100 million units and it's still rising.

some people ...

pwnsause3724d ago

/facepalm. Some people just deserve to get hit by a Mack Truck.

ceedubya93724d ago

fail at life. You don't deserve that Spidey Avi. Good day sir.

mikeslemonade3724d ago

This PS2 can fit in your pocket. On youtube your going to see a lot of people making portable PS2s with LCDs.

nieto3724d ago

if the ps2 sucks what you would say about the xbox or Gamecube?
they were miles away crappier Lol ;-D

Homicide3724d ago

The Wii sucks, and it's selling lots of consoles. Thats a bad argument. Look at all the great games on for the PS2. Compare that to it's competitors.

agentace3724d ago

he just lost all his bubbles for that 1 stupid post by the looks of it OWNED!!

sumfood4u3724d ago

PS2 is really making history an it just keeps on trucking.

Le-mo3724d ago

Tell that to the 130 million+ consumers that bought a PS2.

theEnemy3723d ago

Agree(7) | Disagree(85)

That's the first time I've seen that ratio :)

princejb1343723d ago

i would slap you with a big mac for saying something as stupid as that
ps2 has been the more succesful console yet

solidt123723d ago (Edited 3723d ago )

Wow man, You have one Bubble, Maybe it's you that sucks. I still play some PS2 games. The PS2 is great.

TheColbertinator3721d ago

Agree 7

Disagree 97


Hating the PS2? They killed my Dreamcast but in no way was it a bad system.

gunnerforlife3720d ago

make that 98 disagrees;) no one disses ma blak baby:D an a mean no one.

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REPLOID243724d ago

ganesh is gonna be all over this, yo.

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3724d ago

Fond Memories;) What a Fantastic Console!!! ;-P