LIVE Activity for week of September 1st

Major Nelson has posted the top 10 list for Xbox 360, Arcade, and Original Xbox titles played on Live.

Xbox 360 Top Live Titles (based on UU's):
1 Call of Duty 4
2 Halo 3
4 Gears of War
5 Madden NFL 09
6 Castle Crashers
7 Star Wars: TFU Demo
8 Guitar Hero III
9 Rock Band
10 Mercenaries 2: World In Flames

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Voozi3720d ago

Guess those BF:BC players went back to CoD4 lol

Can't believe how a game like GTAIV can be #3 ranked with it's broken online, I expect Gears to take #3 once the Gears 2 release is very near because people will be flocking back there to replay co op w/ there friends (me for example) and brush up on online as well

THWIP3720d ago only has 2 modes, Attack & Defend, and Conquest...and the latter was just made available via download, so many don't know about it.

Voozi3720d ago (Edited 3720d ago )

Yea, I mean me right now, I was a CoD4 player over Halo 3 (I own both these games) and when BF:BC came out and I got that I shifted over to that, because right now in CoD4 I've already gotten to my 10th prestige and level 55 so not like I have much to do leveling up wise, and I could care less about golden weapons lol, so after all the play time I put into reaching that, I'm like burnt out when it comes to CoD4, of course I'll still hop on if a friend wants to play it though, but it's not something I put in my 360 anymore and play on my own.

So atm I'm playing BF:BC with my friend, but I'm like 1 rank away from the max lol, but I'll prob still continue playing it though cause there's a couple achievements I want to try to get (10002 kills, destroying a bunch of trees in multiplayer).

I was dissapointed though they only included 4 maps with Conquest (cause I prefer Conquest over Gold Rush) so with the next patch coming, I really hope they add in those other maps they didn't put in

EvilCackle3720d ago

The frustrating thing is, the GTA 4 multiplayer experience can be extremely fun at times (Cops 'n Crooks especially). It's just such a crapshoot.

PimpHandStrong3720d ago

that when i play COD over at my friends on his 360 it shows how many ppl are playing that game type on COD

i also find it useless

its like big brother wanting to control what you do

Voozi3720d ago (Edited 3720d ago )


Crap ment to reply to #3 lol, clicked this one by accident, wasted reply =(

PimpHandStrong3720d ago

When Gears 2 comes out it will top the list 4sure


will it hold the top spot for long?

COD is the best FPS ever and im willing to bet it will stay on top of the XBL play list till the 360 is replaced

Voozi3720d ago

It'll probably drop down to 2 maybe 3 when CoD WaW comes out, because CoD 4 players (some or a handful, unsure) will be shifting to that game for a while to check it out, but eventually I can see it retaking #1 spot though, unless Gears 2 has something to say about that

cherrypie3720d ago


Gears of War 2 will outsell Call of Duty and Call of Duty WaW.

The question really becomes, how great will Gears of War 2 Multiplayer be? By all opinions, previews and information, EPIC is going to deliver a fantastic Multiplayer.

Gears of War 2: Game of the Year 2008.

TheColbertinator3720d ago


Sorry man but unfortunately whether we like it or not,GTA4 is the GOTY.Its reviews and the "standards" it set are too high for any other game to touch right now.I dont see IGN or Game Informer giving it 10/10 reviews because the bar is too damn high nowadays.

Voozi3720d ago

I dont see Gears 2 outselling CoD4 because CoD4 = multiplatform, and due to that it outsold Halo 3 for those obvious reasons. And without a doubt Halo 3 is the best selling exclusive this gen for the 360 due to the hype, all the marketing they put into it, etc. And it appeals to more people then Gears does. So if Gears 2 can't outsell Halo 3, then how do you expect it to outsell CoD4

Now if you're only talking about 360 sales of CoD4 then yes Halo 3 outsold those #s, but I believe the CoD4 360 #s are higher then Gears 1 sales #s, so for Gears 2 to sell more units then CoD4, it's going to need the marketing and hype like Halo 3 had.

As for CoD WaW, yes that's a no brainer it'll outsell this game, I only mentioned this game because I was saying that CoD4 players (a handful) will buy this game, and go play it online thus possibly losing the #1 spot on Live (which I think will happen)

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InfiniteUnfloppery3720d ago (Edited 3720d ago )

"1 Call of Duty 4-Multiplat
2 Halo 3-Exclusive
3 GTA IV-Multiplat
4 Gears of War-Multiplat
5 Madden NFL 09-Multiplat
6 Castle Crashers-DLEG
7 Star Wars: TFU Demo-Multiplat
8 Guitar Hero III-Multiplat
9 Rock Band-Multiplat
10 Mercenaries 2: World In Flames-Multiplat"

hahaha,Jump Out

Stryfeno23720d ago

Where is Sony's list? I like to know the top #10 most played games.

thekingofMA3720d ago

i've always thought it was funny sony didn't release these numbers

are they embarrassed because the list isn't long enough?

Dyingduck3720d ago (Edited 3720d ago )

So people are paying 50USD every year to play 8/10 in the top 10 Multi-platform games that can be played on PSN for free?

[email protected][email protected][email protected][email protected][email protected]!

M$ flopped!!! I am so glad I never bought a crapbox360

ambientFLIER3720d ago (Edited 3720d ago )

Yep, people are paying $50 to play on xbox live. Some of the better things in life aren't free. Antenna TV is free, and that's equivalent to psn. Digital HD cable with 1000 channels is Xbox Live.

I'd rather pay $1000000 a day to play on live than use that gimped pos service, if you can call it "service", that is psn. Psn and the GimpPatchPOStation were made for each other.

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cherrypie3720d ago

I wonder how long it will take for Rock Band 2 to replace RB.

It is being released next week for Xbox 360, I imagine that many RB owners will get Rock Band 2 next week.

I held off on RB to get Rock Band 2, I have a pre-order of the Special Edition (the full kit) that I expect to have very shortly.

Rock Band 2: Next Week! !YEAH!

thekingofMA3720d ago

...but unfortunately, only the Rock Band 2 game is coming out Sunday. NOT the bundle-that doesn't come out until October with the multiplatform release

i guess it sucks for people like you who want to invest in the new instruments, but it's actually a really smart decision, as EA/Harmonix still got money from Microsoft for timed exclusivity, they can push out the old Rock Band 1 bundles (to unknowing customers) and it gives the loyal fans who bought RB1 a month alone with it (assuming they're not waiting for the new instruments, like me)

as for me, I'm psyched for this game and with the all of the (hopefully good) online band modes, I'll be helping it replace its excellent predecessor on the LIVE charts.

but a comment regarding the whole article: i think Halo 3 will reclaim the top spot in the coming weeks because of the massive update, complete with a new ranking system and easy, high-scoring achievements.

also: i see COD4 slipping once World At War releases. if it's just like the awesome COD4 online, ALL of those fans will be flocking to it. i see GeOW2 and WAW fighting for the top spot, while Halo and COD4 continue to fight, except for the third spot. those two will stay on the charts for the life of the 360 (along with the original GeOW)