GameSlave: The Lost Crown Review

GameSlave writes: "The Lost Crown is a spook themed point and click adventure game, largely set in the faintly creepy Suffolk village of Saxton. Right - before considering the games own merits or lack of them, I've already got to take exception with that premise. Having spent a decent proportion of my life in identical East Anglian locations to that of the games depiction, I know for a fact that the villages are not haunted by unexplained phantasms and supernatural spectres. No, these places are in fact haunted by the actual village residents, all sufficiently superannuated to be considered an entity as much of this world an the next. Seriously, go to the local pub sometime - a conversation with the regulars could technically be considered an act of necromancy."

Good stuff

* Fresh take on a difficult genre
* Simple, clean interface
* Chock full 'o spooks

Not so good stuff

* Below par visuals & animation
* Patchy plot pacing and characterisation
* Inexplicable 'event triggers'

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