Forza Horizon Series - Top 5 Places it Should it Go Next

COG writes - Forza Horizon has taken place in Europe, the USA and now Australia. We take a look at the most interesting places it could look to go next.

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Abriael798d ago (Edited 798d ago )

Forza Horizon 4 in Japan is just the obvious choice :D

Digital_Anomaly798d ago

Oh man... you have no idea how much I would love that!!

XanderZane798d ago

Yes, I agree and a lot of fans have been asking for that. I'm very happy with Australia right now though. Driving on their beaches is a dream come true. It's just incredible. I hope Turn 10 & Playground Games picks Tokyo or London for the next FH3. It would be interesting.

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crazychris4124798d ago

Would like to see Playground and MS take a risk and revive or start a new racing IP by the end of the decade. Probably not going to happen but If anyone remembers that Horizon 2 leak from a while back it talked about Austrailia and California as locations. We already got Austrailia so Cali is next.

DivoJones798d ago

I was tempted to say Project Gotham Racing as a candidate for revival, but Horizon 3 is so similar to it that it really defeats the purpose of bringing it back. So I'm going to say Burnout 3: Takedown. Even if they can't get the rights to carry the name, they can just 'borrow' the core ideas like they did with PGR3 and make it their own.

crazychris4124798d ago

Three Fields Entertainment with Burnout veterans is making a spiritual successor to Burnout. They made a fun little game called Dangerous Golf, I would check it out if you're looking for a quick game with destruction. Maybe something like what Criterion was working on before EA shut down the project.

LexHazard79798d ago (Edited 798d ago )

Brazil, China, UK, Russia or Spain

Edit: How about a African country..that would be awesome with Lions and all kinds of wild animals around. Imagine like just driving around and a cheeta chases your just watch the cheetah disappear in the mirror. Haha..maybe not.

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The story is too old to be commented.