MotorStorm: Pacific Rift Demo Details

The demo for MotorStorm: Pacific Rift will be available for players who purchased the latest issue of Qore, and randomly selected European PSN users starting tomorrow (on the weekly Playstation Store update).

Rain God Spires is the name of the track that will be available on the demo - a bumpy coastal mountain circuit with plenty of ups and downs in order to demonstrate the game's massive draw distance.

No online multiplayer on the demo, but you will be able to play split-screen (and single player of course).

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Blackmoses3747d ago (Edited 3747d ago )

well how am I suppose to download it?

edit: Qore yearly subscriber. Issue 4? Is that the recent issue? I've already deleted last months issue.


godmoney3747d ago

Buy Issue 4 and go to the Download section

tangerine3747d ago

I bought 2 qores so far and they were crap.

Jamie Foxx3747d ago (Edited 3747d ago )

unless you pay for the magazine you cant play the demo thats dirty tricks from sony, a demo should be just that .. .. a demo which should be for the public, a try before you buy

HighDefinition3747d ago

I think Qore is well worth the money.

So far I got

-R2 beta (october)
-Socom Beta (friday)
-Naruto demo (for a few months now)
-Mstorm2 demo (tommorrow)


8 more months of stuff like this, Plus the e-mag features.

Well worth the $22(or whatever it costed, somewhere around there I don`t remember)

Drekken3747d ago

I bought the first episode of qore for Socom. I still dont have the beta and I am pissed off we dont get it until Friday. This is a game I would of pre-ordered anyways, but didnt because I thought I would try the beta first.

Qore is a rip off and I will not be buying it anymore.

Violater3747d ago (Edited 3747d ago )

Everyone will still get the DEMO, QORE just gets it to you earlier.

@ Jamie I didn't know paying for QORE was mandatory, Just goes to show you know nothing about paying taxes.

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godmoney3747d ago

It actually pretty nice.
Not very long, but has some cool LBP, Motorstorm, Bioshock and POP videos.

deathray3747d ago

This month's Qore sucks. It has very little content. I bought it thinking I would get the MS demo then was forced to wait a week. Also, I still can't download the LBP theme. I buy it every month thinking this one will be different and they just pretty much suck. They still keep you coming back with the access to demos and betas, though.

crazy250003747d ago

So why arent they releasing this for everyone? This whole pay for the demo early is really makes me mad when im willing to support these products, yet they go as far as selling a demo.....this isnt GT5 Prologue quality so im not willing to pay for this...will wait this out

Darkiewonder3747d ago (Edited 3747d ago )

don't buy qore then.

You guys do you know you're still getting the demo right?Before qore existed. when did you get demos? "just wait". As if you never heard that statement before.

Tragedy3747d ago (Edited 3747d ago )

"... So why arent they releasing this for everyone?"

But they will release this demo before the launch for everyone. So whats your point?

DJ3747d ago

You don't "pay for the demo". Being a Qore subscriber simply gets you early access to this stuff. I didn't pay for Qore, but I was still able to sign up for the Resistance 2 Beta like everyone else. And we all know the official Motorstorm 2 demo is coming out soon on PSN.

godmoney3747d ago

You are paying for an issue of Qore and get early access for the demo.
In my opinion it will be available for everyone in a few weeks.

crazy250003747d ago

but if its ready for download, they should release it now...why make us wait if its ready?

Tragedy3747d ago

Because of marketing purpose?

masterg3747d ago


Because releasing it a week or two before release date is the best way to go to get the best sales (If it's a good game that is, if it's a bad one you never release a demo before the game is out).

Of course Sony knows that all us who have no problem paying $3 for a demo and a nice selection of videos will buy it no matter what they do.

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