Eurogamer Hands On: MotorStorm: Pacific Rift

Given Evolution's strong and oft-overlooked history developing rally games, it was no surprise when MotorStorm skidded into view on a slick foundation of variable surfaces; specifically, surfaces that remembered your path through them, bearing the scars to those who followed. But it was a surprise that it wracked up so much debt to the likes of SSX.

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Fluffy2Duffy3750d ago

I've only played a quarter of that game and gave up playing? i just dont know why but i think i got bored quickly

WIIIS13750d ago

Reads like they thought it was a mediocre game.

Can't wait.

remanutd553750d ago

i loved the first motorstorm but motorstorm2 is shaping out to be better(splitscreen,faster loading times and more tracks) cant wait to try the demo tomorrow

xg-ei8ht3749d ago

Sounds like they dont like it alot.

Strange eurogamer not liking a ps3 game.

Wonders will never cease.

pwnsause3749d ago

oh its Eurogamer. Why am I not Fu*king surprised?