Dead Rising Wii new screenshots

"Capcom has released some new screenshots of Dead Rising Wii version."

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St03482d ago

Looks awful imo, there's like 10 zombies on screen at once

TheFreak3482d ago

haha and you learned to count where?

Prismo_Fillusion3482d ago

Actually, I clicked on only one picture and counted 25.

PS360WII3482d ago

Not bad not bad and there are a lot more than 10 in some of those screens St0. They are still updating the game which is nice and they said they are going for the 100 enemies on screen. Only time will tell. Should be another fun title to play on the Wii :)

Blink_443482d ago

Looks just like RE4.


Gr813482d ago

I have to laugh at ppl who are always complaining about Wii screen shots. First off Screens never do the game justice. But in this instance even comparing it to 360's version, dead rising wasn't a graphically impressive game to begin with. If its fun and enjoyable I'll get it. If not I won't, simple as that.

Kleptic3482d ago

yeah, i was going to say...this looks like the 360 version...I don't know who should be more concerned with that...

bushfan3482d ago only me..or there are low res textures...some PS2 games looks better

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