Will Wright picks his top 5 games

From "Will Wright is one of the most influential game designers in the history of the biz. He's the brains behind such games as "SimCity," "The Sims," and most recently, "Spore." What does a visionary designer like to play when he's not coming up with new, genre-bending titles? Here's what he told us in a recent interview."

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sirbigam3750d ago

Too bad we have someone like this influenceing parents, the only think he pointed out that i played was the gta series , but watever this guy has no idea wat games we play, hes livin in the past.

frey3750d ago

You could touch up your grammar and maybe read a book. Will Wright's List in my opinion, was a great one; Most of the games he mentioned are hits of today and not yesterday. Your comment just shows how little you know of gaming, so get back to your Halo or GTA sessions.

UltimateIdiot9113749d ago

Even though my preference in gaming differs than Wright here, he still got good taste in my opinion.