Is The Free iPhone Game of Hangman Racist?

DaveDaGamer from TrueGameheadz writes:

"Seeing the gallows and a stick figure doesn't really strike most as something to think about, but I do believe in this particular iteration of the game the graphics intensify the experience. Of note the hanging mechanism is a tree and not execution gallows.

During play when you begin missing letters, a black line stick figure appears. First the head, then torso, right arm, left arm, right leg, left leg, and then on the next miss the body goes limp.

Have we been duped all these years? I mean according...."

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shadowghost7523722d ago

No hang man is not racist. Get a grip idiot

Kratos Spartan3722d ago

a black line stick figure. stick figures have always been that color.

This is easily the most ridiculous thing I've ever read. If a black person noticed this, then African-Americans are the most racist bunch of people on this planet.

BIGELLOW3722d ago

...if a white man noticed this, then white people are the most racist bunch of people on this planet. If a woman noticed this, then women are the most racist bunch of people on this planet. If someone with a broken leg noticed this, then people with broken legs are the most racist bunch of people on this planet.

It is this line of thinking that leads to racism.

Max Power3722d ago

black stick figures when drawn with either a pencil or a pen, the majority of my experience of hang man was in elementary school when they used 'white' chalk to hang 'white' stick figures.

timmyrulz3722d ago

Just ban the word and colour black, problem solved ................

Kratos Spartan3722d ago

look at what happened with Resident Evil 5. In my experiences, it's always a black person who is quick to point out something as racist.

Go into a bookstore and look for a magazine called white won't find one.

Now look for one called black men...

Mr_Bun3722d ago

You make a very good point. It is the same thing with sexual don't see "Straight Pride Parades". It would appear that the minorities should get some "Insensitivity Classes" so that they aren't offended as easily.

BIGELLOW3720d ago

...and I see this quite often, too. But also keep in mind that, for instance, women are more likely to be raped than men. So, it only makes sense that women are more likely going to be sensitive to the idea of rape than men. So, you might have more cases of women claiming rape (even if it might have been consensual sex) than men. This doesn't mean rape doesn't exist, or that women shouldn't be trusted, or that rape isn't as bad as women make it out to be... it's just one of the bigger, and justifiable, fears of women.

So since black people are more likely to suffer from racism... there is a tendency for black people to be more sensitive to the idea of racism... which might lead to a hyper-sensitivity that leads to benign things being called racist.

It's ok to dismiss the claimed racism on a case-by-case basis... but to just start finger-pointing and acting insensitive about it only justifies the fears and compounds the problem.

Owner360-PS33722d ago

People who wont STFU about racism are the ones that wont let this topic die.Get over it..........

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The story is too old to be commented.