Wipeout HD Screenshots

10 Wipeout HD screenshots

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Silogon3746d ago

Can't wait for it to get here, man! The sad thing is, Sony has better PSN exclusives than the wii or xbox 360 has disc based exclusives.

Tekken DA

C'mon, those are big games!

shadowghost7523746d ago

The last guy and superstar dust aswell as the Pixel Junk series are awesome too

Drekken3746d ago

Silgon, I have to commend you for your change in attitude lately. Glad you came around ;)

Bubbles 4 you.

fufotrufo3746d ago

He's not changing..he only needs bubbles

dale13746d ago

i have to give it to sony there psn stuff has a lot of quality on it and more coming,ms make me laugh when they sprout on downloads are the future then cap what size games it can have on live ??????? and the video store of psn network allowing you to buy the movie is a nice touch,psn is moving forward theres no doubt on that

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The story is too old to be commented.