D+PAD Review: FaceBreaker

D+PAD: By removing any sense of strategy and skill EA has broken the two most fundamental rules of a fighter. Instead FaceBreaker is a mere exercise in button-bashing: the videogame equivalent of those plastic toy boxers where you mash the button until your opponent's head pops off. We soon got bored of those and, unsurprisingly, we soon got bored of this. FaceBreaker's not big, and it certainly isn't clever. Come back Afro Thunder, all is forgiven.

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xboxerwork3746d ago

I believe this type of game is exactly the type of game casual gamers need and like. Not everyone wants to play super realistic, "difficult to master" type of games. kids, females and grown ups usually want something that they can just jump in and play and have loads of fun. Like the good old arcade games of yesteryear..

I think it is unfair to review casual games the same way as hardcore games are reviewed. This game deserves at least a 7 in what it is trying to achieve, but of course doesnt come close to Fight Night 3 and shouldnt even be in the same category.