MMO versus MMO - A Hands-on Comparison of the Four Biggest MMOs of 2008.

From gameplayer...

"Are MMO gamers after evolution of revolution? That's the question facing developers and gamers alike as the MMO universe becomes increasingly crowded with new arrivals and updates of old favourites.

It almost goes without saying, but I'll say it anyway, that there's a massive time investment in MMOs to get much out of them. Sure, they cost AU$80-100 to buy and AU$15-20 a month to subscribe to but it's the time sink that makes choosing the correct one at the outset so important and the prospect of a new effort that makes it so hard for most people to switch.

Gameplayer has been taking a look at the virtual lie of the land, starting with today's patriarch, World of Warcraft. "

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SlappingOysters3751d ago

Is it getting crowded much. Very interesting comparisson of the big ones, but I am wondering what lesser known ones are starting to get some momentum.

In particular I am thinking about Eve - A lot of my friends have a big wrap on the game. Although it seems very unforgiving.

SlappingOysters3751d ago

Is the Age of Conana on X360 game?

Not that I can see myself bothering with MMO's on consoles. Couches are better used fro more active experiences

Pain3751d ago

Being dumbed down for the XBOx 2 thats where or being held back to be on XBOX 3 in 09/10

adhesivespatula3751d ago

Seriously, Warhammer is going to be outstanding. In fact, I would give it a try now since its in open beta.