Do Clickbait Reviews Actually Exist? Xbox Head Phil Spencer Thinks So

GameRevolution: "Some people call it conspiracy. Others call it a reason to throw a temper tantrum. Clickbait reviews are commonly talked about in the gaming industry virtually every time a new AAA release arrives. Usually it's gamers that are busy talking about it, but this week one of gaming's most well-known executives took a moment to address it."

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littlefatgirl676d ago (Edited 676d ago )

The words "thin-skinned" come to mind.

DJustinUNCHAIND676d ago

The little fat girl should be a master at being thick-skinned.

Rearden676d ago

"We reviewed this game and you won't believe what score we gave it!"

DragonDDark676d ago (Edited 676d ago )

I mean they do exist but why bring this up now?

JonnyBigBoss676d ago

He refers to Forza Horizon 3 which just came out.

zeuanimals675d ago

He also doesn't get that a 2/5 isn't a 4/10 when it's closer to something like a D. 1 is an F and 5 is an A. You wouldn't go to a 4/10 restaurant since you would probably die, but you probably often go to a 2/5 restaurant. Most fast food restaurants are 2/5s, they're Ds.

Just think about it, what types of games get 4/10s? I'm not talking about 2/5 multiplied by 2, I'm talking about a reviewer specifically writing 4/10. Broken games get 4/10s. Games that don't work get 2/10s, doesn't make any sense to have a 5 point grading system that seriously takes those 3 into account, you'd have no nuance with the rest of the scale. A 3 could be good or bad and it'd be too confusing to tell if what it really meant was "anywhere between 6 and 7.9/10".

The real reason he brought this up is because of ReCore. He's claiming it can't be as bad as people are saying it is, those people are just trying to get clicks, just look at what they did to Forza Horizon 3.

Cy676d ago

This article itself is kind of clickbaity, because the bit about what Spencer said is barely three sentences quoted from a different article, and the rest is what the person who wrote *this* article thinks about reviews. I mean, I mostly agree with the guy, but it's kind of funny.

dms5223676d ago

Exactly. His comments were in regards to forza and recore.

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The story is too old to be commented.