Do Clickbait Reviews Actually Exist? Xbox Head Phil Spencer Thinks So

GameRevolution: "Some people call it conspiracy. Others call it a reason to throw a temper tantrum. Clickbait reviews are commonly talked about in the gaming industry virtually every time a new AAA release arrives. Usually it's gamers that are busy talking about it, but this week one of gaming's most well-known executives took a moment to address it."

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Ghost_of_Tsushima430d ago (Edited 430d ago )

Phil you just went full Aaron Greenberg. We know they exist and don't need Phil to tell us. It happens with other games so he shouldn't just point out a Forza Horizon 3.

Uncharted 4 got a 40 from Washington Post and a 50 from GameCritics.

The Last of Us got a 60 from Quarter to Three.

Bloodborne got a 70 from GameCritics.

They'll always be those who stand out.

Septic430d ago

How does that work? He says that he thinks click bait reviews exist. Are you saying they don't?

RememberThe357430d ago

Hes saying they do exist and that it happens to every high profile game.

S2Killinit430d ago (Edited 430d ago )

My issue is, why is he always talking about what he thinks about every little thing? I mean I'm kind of tired of spencer articles to be honest. Watch this interview be repeated over the next week in another 10-20 articles.

JonnyBigBoss430d ago

People value his opinion. That's why he keeps hitting headlines. :)

uth11430d ago

He's one of those people that everytime he tweets, it generates a flurry of articles covering that one tweet. If he sends multiple tweets, look out!

game4funz430d ago

He is the head of an important division. Interesting to see your opinion on these types of people.
I assume you'd want the presidents to shut up about what they think too?

We'll be under communism in no time. Thanks!

RpgSama430d ago

Yeah man, Phil talks about everything, every single day, and on top of that people make 20 articles about the same statement, these last couple of weeks have been specially bad on this issue.

OpieWinston430d ago

He's constantly asked questions in interviews like this. He's very active.

430d ago
Kribwalker430d ago

He was asked a question so he responded. Simple as that

spicelicka430d ago

How is that his fault? Just because he's open and honest about his opinions and is usually just answering questions people ask him. These aren't statements, these are just answers.

I'd rather have that than some PR robot who's always dodging questions. People just tend to write too many articles about every thing he says, you should be blaming those sites.

christocolus430d ago (Edited 430d ago )


"My issue is, why is he always talking about what he thinks about every little thing? I mean I'm kind of tired of spencer articles to be honest. Watch this interview be repeated over the next week in another 10-20 articles"

Should he keep quiet when asked questions? besides no one is forcing you to read,watch or listen to his interviews or post your opinions. you can just ignore them like some others do.

ShowanW430d ago


so your mad at phil spencer for the questions the interviewer ask him??

kinda dumb... thats like being mad at the mailman for bringing you, your utility bill...

Lennoxb63430d ago

He doesn't make the articles on N4G, and you don't have to click on them.

darthv72430d ago

Are you new to the whole "interview" process S2....? People ask him questions, he answers. He could refuse to answer anything but he doesn't unless he feels the question is to invasive.

Now I will agree that when he does an interview, there are a few sites that will pick apart his interview and make individual stories about certain pieces. That gets annoying. Just publish the interview in full and let people read it instead of 10-20 individual pieces all from the one interview.

S2Killinit430d ago (Edited 430d ago )

Everything you guys are saying, granted, but its just too much. Aren't you guys tired of constant articles about what he said, or what he thinks about this, that, the competition, etc etc? I would rather hear about games instead of constant PR statements. Some of you act like they find him in the street and ask him questions, and then "because he is honest", he answers. He is the one who goes to the interviews, furthermore, the questions are prepared BEFORE he is interviewed. (just like any other interview) So, neither the questions, nor the answers are spontaneous. Its PR (which is fine) but constant PR with no articles on games is a bit tedious.

I don't know about you guys, but I personally would like to have more articles about games.


Did it ever occur to you that people ask him questions so he answers?? Should he just be quiet? He can say whatever he wants just like you can post the crap you just posted.

Bzone24430d ago

Phil's name was in the title. You didn't have to click on a headline where you see his name. So funny when people are so tired of things easily avoided. Stop clicking on articles with his name in the title if you are tired of Phil Spencer articles.

S2Killinit430d ago

Its like MS is more concerned with what Sony is doing. They should focus on their own stuff and talk through their games more.

Mystogan430d ago (Edited 430d ago )

Apparently he's very popular with interviewers.

Also he's in an interview? thats kind of how interviews work.

lastking95430d ago

It's called keep scrolling. I don't like certain articles, I do click them, stopped acting like your forced.

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Mystogan430d ago

You just went full retard. ClickBait reviews definitely exist. How do you explain Forza Horizon getting a 4. When everyone gave it 8 and 9s

TheColbertinator430d ago

Because then Playground can call it 4za Horizon

nix430d ago

Hahaha.. Colbert. That made me laugh.

zeuanimals429d ago

That 4/10 was actually a 2/5. A 5 point scale isn't the same as a 10 point scale. Think of a 1 as an F, a 2 as a D, and so on. This means Forza got a D, not a super low F like you think it is, a D.

Mulando430d ago

Well bloodborne would get a 70 from me, too, but only because I don't like this kind of game. But then, I wouldn't have reviewed it, if I know I don't like the genre.
Forza Horizon 2 got some bad reviews because it wasn't a sim-racer and it was a open-world racer. That are strange arguments for a "professional" reviewer.
Same goes for Uncharted. I personally did never get into the uncharted-games, but still saw, that normally it would be a good game, but it just didn't catch me.

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littlefatgirl430d ago (Edited 430d ago )

The words "thin-skinned" come to mind.

DJustinUNCHAIND430d ago

The little fat girl should be a master at being thick-skinned.

Rearden430d ago

"We reviewed this game and you won't believe what score we gave it!"

DragonDDark430d ago (Edited 430d ago )

I mean they do exist but why bring this up now?

JonnyBigBoss430d ago

He refers to Forza Horizon 3 which just came out.

zeuanimals429d ago

He also doesn't get that a 2/5 isn't a 4/10 when it's closer to something like a D. 1 is an F and 5 is an A. You wouldn't go to a 4/10 restaurant since you would probably die, but you probably often go to a 2/5 restaurant. Most fast food restaurants are 2/5s, they're Ds.

Just think about it, what types of games get 4/10s? I'm not talking about 2/5 multiplied by 2, I'm talking about a reviewer specifically writing 4/10. Broken games get 4/10s. Games that don't work get 2/10s, doesn't make any sense to have a 5 point grading system that seriously takes those 3 into account, you'd have no nuance with the rest of the scale. A 3 could be good or bad and it'd be too confusing to tell if what it really meant was "anywhere between 6 and 7.9/10".

The real reason he brought this up is because of ReCore. He's claiming it can't be as bad as people are saying it is, those people are just trying to get clicks, just look at what they did to Forza Horizon 3.

Cy430d ago

This article itself is kind of clickbaity, because the bit about what Spencer said is barely three sentences quoted from a different article, and the rest is what the person who wrote *this* article thinks about reviews. I mean, I mostly agree with the guy, but it's kind of funny.

dms5223430d ago

Exactly. His comments were in regards to forza and recore.

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