10 Reasons why Dead Space is the Next Great Sci-Fi Saga

Gameplayer has been given the chance to play through a bunch of new Dead Space levels and have written this article highlighting the reasons why the game could be the next Gears of War of Halo.

"It is a true sci-fier, that invites you into a mythology spanning some 1,000 years and then rams its climax into your face for 20 hours of edge-of-your-seat gameplay. We think it could be the next big Sci-fi saga, and here are ten reasons why…"

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SlappingOysters3745d ago

I love everything that I am reading about this game. And the vids look wicked too.

In fact, to be honest, this is now a bunch bigger blip on my radar than Resident Evil 5 which just seems like more of the same to me.

Kleptic3745d ago (Edited 3745d ago )

totally agree...while I loved RE4 (and didn't even play it until 2007)...I wish it wasn't a Resident Evil game...there was absolutely zero point in that game where I felt nearly as on edge as the original Resident Evil (and possibly RE2, everything after that was just a need for speed like waste of time)...RE4 was not entirely action, as in you did get a little screwed up with the lack of ammo and the fact that your ammo didn't really do a lot to was just so radically different than the original titles, I really wish it was just its own IP and they were still making more traditional RE survival games...

RE5 looks great...but there are so many third person shooters now, that that is all it really has so far...great graphics...and now rumors of it getting a control scheme similar to Gears of War...whats the point?...its just a great looking, slow moving, action game that has arguably been done before...

Dead Space on paper appears to do a similar thing...however hands on impressions and confirmation from the devs is that the game is first a horror game...and has well implemented action elements...but ammo will always be limited...and they are trying to keep away from scripted scares and relying almost entirely on atmosphere...something the originals of the genre had in spades...I also love the fact that Isaac was sent to the ship as an engineer to repair are not some grunt space marine sent there to kill all the fight with welding equipment and rivet guns, and beam cutters and stuff...its all sci-fi inspired weaponry, but all of your equipment is not technically 'a weapon'...leaving all kinds of ways for the user to figure out what to use and how to use it...

the engine looks fantastic...the art direction looks fantastic...and the gameplay seems perfectly paced to induce plenty of terror, but also not be out right frustrating...and I am a sucker for sci-fi based horror...

anyone wanting to catch up on the story background for the the 5 part comic series on XBL, PSN, or the games website...I wasn't remotely interested in the game until I watched these, and then followed some gameplay videos...the comic series still has 1 more episode coming, which ties in where the game will actually begin...but its really creepy awesome stuff...

SlappingOysters3745d ago

i expect Res Evil 5 to be good and I will play it, but I am just all about the new IPs right now. BioShock, Mass Effect, The Darkness and SKATE kind of rocked my world last year; I pumped for more!

Close_Second3745d ago

....fantastic and is on my list of must have games.

Harry1903745d ago

Does anyone know how your character's main weapon works? Do you need to collect ammo or does it 'recharge' after you empty a clip?

SullyDrake3745d ago

There are normal firearms, but they're few and far between, and so is the ammo. The "tool" weapons are energy based, so they recharge.

Harry1903745d ago

Positive feedback coming your way.

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Hellsvacancy3745d ago

I love the whole Event Horizon meets John Carpenters The Thing, im plannin on buyin this b4 i do Bioshock and Lbp, i watched the Comic series which i thought was great but i havnt seen much gameplay yet (through my own choice of course)


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