Soul Calibur IV Composer Scores The Conduit

High Voltage Software have today officially announced that their Wii-exclusive First-Person Shooter, The Conduit, has been scored by famed composer Diego Stocco.

Diego Stocco's music sound design credits include movies such as Transformers, Resident Evil: Extinction, Crank, Jumper, Lady in the Water, and videogame soundtracks for Justice League Heroes and Soul Calibur IV. His commercial credits include Nokia, Samsung, Panasonic, BMW and General Motors.

"Working with Diego was such an enjoyment," said Michael Metz, Audio/Visual Director at High Voltage Software. "When I heard...

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condorstrike3744d ago

sounds like the Conduit might give bigN a run for their money and end up being a triple threat

mathsman3744d ago

Sounds like someone's putting a lot of money behind it... has a publisher been announced yet? There's a faint wiff of second-party about this whole thing...

chanmasta3744d ago

... definately! I love some of his music, like in Transformers, Resident Evil and Crank!

I was wondering a couple of weeks ago what kind of music would be in The Conduit, I was thinking that the game should sound a bit 'Halo'ey. Only a bit though, along the lines of the spacey, creepy kinda music.

Can't wait for this game!!!!

Prismo_Fillusion3744d ago

Wow, this is a GREAT call by High Voltage. They're really putting their hearts into this one.