Plenty Of Rumors To Go Around At GameStop Expo

1up round up: "The GameStop Expo is in full swing in Las Vegas, and so far gamers have been the winners. Here's what our guys on the inside have been telling us about the PSP 3000, the 60 gigabyte Xbox 360 harddrive, Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars and more.
As we previously reported, Animal Crossing fans are looking at a $70 price point for the Wii's marquee holiday title, with the new Wii Speak microphone accounting for the difference.

Rumored details also emerged concerning Grand Theft Auto DS, with our sources telling us that gang members will be recuitable, and the stylus used to hotwire cars. No confirmation from Rockstar on these details, but color us intrigued. Sony and Microsoft rumors after the jump!

For Sony fans, it looks like the Game Boy Advance title Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories will be receiving a surprise port to the PlayStation 2 this fall. The new title is rumored to feature "all new 3D bosses and cutscenes," and should retail for $29.99. Meanwhile, our sources tell us that the PSP 3000 will be bundled with a 4 gigabyte memory stick when it hits North America October 14. Sony fans who still haven't taken the PSP plunge will be able to pick up the rumored bundle for $199.

Finally, Microsoft fans can potentially look forward to the 60 gigabyte Xbox 360 harddrive being available in a $99 bundle that will include the HDD, three months of Xbox Live, and an ethernet cable. And if you want a game to play on your fancy new next-generation setup? Well, there's always last year's Project Gotham Racing 4, which our sources tell us will be packaged with 12 months of Xbox Live and a messenger kit for $69.99. So for those keeping score at home, that's an Xbox 360 Arcade, a copy of PGR 4, a 60 gigabyte HDD and 16 months of Xbox Live for roughly $370, or $20 less than the standard 80 gigabyte PlayStation 3."

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