Two Worlds Coming TO PS3?

While this is far from definitive proof, Gamestop has a listing for a PS3 version of the upcoming adventure game Two Worlds.

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THWIP3758d ago

With PC/360 they're GUARANTEED sales....on the PS3, they'd be losing money on just the cost of porting it, due to such a low installed base. It's the same reason Bethesda delayed Oblivion; the game was basically ready, but 2K wanted to give the PS3 more time on the market (and launched in Europe).

rowdy 13758d ago

Of course you know it all. Next time I need to know anything about gaming I'll be sure to ask you first.

THWIP3758d ago must be smarter than I thought. ;)

achira3758d ago

#1: you dont get it. the ps3 sales faster than the xbox360. it will have a greater user base than the 360 and than they will make the profit with the ps3 not with the xbox360.

Anerythristic263758d ago (Edited 3758d ago )

Can't we just check the games OFFICIAL site for the answer to this ?

Edit - Checked the official site. As of right now it is realeasing on PC first (March 07) , then 360 a couple of months later. Nothing about the PS3 yet.

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The story is too old to be commented.