Halo Could Soon Expand To A Younger Audience

We may soon see a LEGO Halo game announcement.

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darthv72293d ago

Lego games are serious fun for all ages. My personal is the Lego Star Wars ones but I also like the Lego Batman games too.

The irony is that Lego doesn't make Halo sets....those are done by Mega Bloks. So maybe they worked a deal seeing as Lego and Mega are interchangeable....?

293d ago
spicelicka293d ago

I highly doubt this will ever happen. If you wanna make a Lego game then just make a goddamn lego game. Leave Halo out of it.

Mystogan293d ago (Edited 293d ago )

Lego games are known to span a lot of existing IPs. That's kinda their thing. Marvel, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Batman just to name a few. I think a Halo based Lego game might be interesting if done right. Also YOU DONT HAVE TO BUY IT IF YOU DONT WANT IT.

spicelicka293d ago

But I want to buy it! I just don't want them to milk Halo because it opens up room for other unnecessary genres, and it dilutes the universe. Pretty soon it will turn into COD if they keep doing that.

I don't care if they use the exact same gameplay, I would prefer a new ip, even if it looks just like Halo. But that's just me.

Mystogan293d ago (Edited 293d ago )

Halo Universe is too big of an IP to not span multiple genres people have been craving for a Halo MMO like Destiny for example(I'm pretty sure Destiny came from a Halo project),
The universe is just so big that it CAN accommodate different genres. A game based on the Sangheili could easily be an Hack/slash game(I hate hack/slash games but it's for the sake of the argument)
A Halo MMORPG speaks for itself. I don't think anybody would be against having a Destiny-like Halo game(but with real shooting mechanics).
Or maybe a Mass Effect style third-person RPG based on the Forerunner stories(war against the flood) .
I have zero problems with Halo in new genres as long as the main series isn't affected by it. And it is done right. Halo Wars is a perfect example of how well Halo does in a different genre when done right.

lastking95293d ago (Edited 293d ago )

A mass effect style halo game with a forerunner main would be awesome. Do it 343i!

Mystogan293d ago (Edited 293d ago )

I think a Halo Lego Game might be interesting if done right, Lego games are awesome and Halo is one of gamings biggest IPs after all. So it wouldn't be surprising to see it expand.

andrewsquall293d ago

Maybe 343i will have better luck with children's games.

lastking95293d ago

I doubt a children's version can sale 8 million like they were able to with the main so better luck is unlikely. cant get much better luck than that.

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