GameCyte Review: Yggdra Union

GameCyte writes: "Last month, we had a chance to offer a preview of Yggdra Union, a PSP remake of the GBA strategy-RPG of the same name. Developed in Japan by Sting Entertainment and put through Atlus' localization process, the game tells the story of an epic, nation-spanning war across the realms of Fantasinia, featuring clashing armies, magic, monsters, as you battle against the most adorable enemies you've ever seen. Assuming you can stop pinching their cheeks long enough to overwhelm them with your clever tactics, Yggdra Union for the PSP promises remastered audio and visuals, new characters, and new missions, all of which make the game a reasonable improvement over the GBA version. Of course, for those who never played Yggdra Union on the GBA, you're in luck - the basic premise and gameplay are enjoyable enough that Fantasinian veterans and newbies alike ought to give this enhanced version a try."

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