TeamXbox: NHL 2K9 Review

TeamXbox writes: "Walk-off homeruns, buzzer-beater three-pointers and sudden-death overtime goals are just a few of the super-exciting moments that turn everyday people into raving sports fanatics. Add on top of these SportsCenter moments an underdog scenario, and you can begin to understand why so many people's lives literally revolve around the TV programming of their favorite sports.

It feels like a "sudden-death", underdog scenario for 2K Sports/Visual Concepts as of late. The loss of the NFL license, a boxing bust and so-so tennis and baseball offerings have this, er, prizefighter back on its toes a bit.

2K/VC also have NHL licensing, and have been putting out the "2K" series of hockey titles for the Xbox since 2002. But the difference as of late for the NHL 2K franchise is that Visual Concepts' title is in that come-from-behind underdog spot– mainly because of what EA has been conjuring up in Vancouver."

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