Uncharted 1, 2 & 3 Remasters can be acquired individually on PS4

Sony has announced that the three games of the compilation of Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection can be purchased individually from next month on November 16.

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bouzebbal800d ago

not buying them again because i don't believe they are that different from PS3 versions..
i will wait for them to be on PS+, especially U1.

ninsigma800d ago

They are very different. Much improved graphical fidelity, 60 fps and improved aiming in the first 2 games. That's just what I can remember.

bouzebbal800d ago

cool, but not worth the investment in my eyes, apart from U1 maybe.
I think "remasters" from last gen is pointless, they don't give as much as HD remasters from PS2 to PS3.

Hoffmann800d ago

Yeah, I expect 1-2 of them getting the ps+ treatment somewhen next year for sure, hell maybe in December already.

madmonkey01800d ago

uncharted 3 was a ps3 plus game, so it wouldnt be unreasonable for any of them to be free again

MasterCornholio800d ago

That's cool. But it should have been an option since the launch of the remaster.

Sam Fisher800d ago

What money does... Cant they wait for next gen to remaster? I feel a remaster should have an interval of 2 generation of consoles

Hoffmann800d ago

Well, the millions of gamers that bought any remasters of lastgen games in the last months or years have a different opinion..and since their opinion means money, ..their opinion is what the publishers have to care about.

ItsJustDante800d ago

Why bitch about it? Microsoft did the same with Halo and Gears of War

Sam Fisher799d ago

Im not bitching just dont think its an appropriate time of release when its still kinda fresh, like there are still great games to bring back from ps2 and xbox original, and to throw this out there, i had no say of sony or ms so i don't know why you threw that ms comment for.

FunkyGoron800d ago

UC1 was always my favorite in the series. It was fresh and new and exciting. Glad they remastered these and as others said, I assume some/all of these will be available for PS+ sometime,

Can't believe we got RE1 and Devastation this month!

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