Gamers Temple: Bangai-O Spirits Review

Bangai-O Spirits is a great puzzle game, an extreme action game, a worthy notch on Treasure's belt and a discount priced experience with infinite replay. The only reservation against recommending it to everyone is that it is very, very difficult to learn and become successful. If you are frustrated easily or just want a less strenuous shooting game, you have plenty of other options. But if you feel the need to be challenged, enjoy the white-knuckle fury of just barely missing (or hitting) that last target and can deal with and overcome some very frustrating moments, then Bangai-O Spirits is the game for you.

A word of warning – it might be a good idea to buy the new NERF armor for your DS when you pick up this game, just in case the urge to sling your system across the room becomes to great to ignore.

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