Rumor: Mega Man 9 DLC, Release Date, and More

A number of rumors have sprung up surrounding Mega Man 9, including a possible release date, downloadable content, and some interesting comparisons drawn between the Wii, PS3, and 360 versions, the latter of which is said to have had the Achievements added by Capcom USA.

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Product3745d ago

Very very interesting
Key points i thought of
DL content for all 3........thats a plus depending on the price if any
Xbox and Ps3 versions are Wii port??
BIG VIRTUAL CONSOLE game this month????????
I hope alot of people buy this so that support fuels another game.
this looks very promising imo.
Megaman is a favorite franchise of mine from the nes/snes days(not so much the newer stuff)

vitz33745d ago

I friggin hate it when they plan DLC before a game even launches. Why not just include that with the game and just make it a full package? Since when did nickel-and-diming become acceptable?

Vote with your wallets people, don't be sucked into this BS.

kesvalk3745d ago

i would like secret stages inside the stages, with good power ups inside

but if this is really a old skool fan-service, then take out everything, make him only run,jump and shoot and make it hard... very hard...

wanna see what some of this so-called "hardcore" guys fail to pass even one stage, what a joy this would be...

BrotherNick3745d ago

Haha yeah, "OMG WTF controls are broken!"