UGO: NHL 09 vs. NHL 2K9 Head-to-Head Review

UGO writes:

"I've sat with these two games for nearly two weeks now and everytime I turned off NHL 09 to play 2K9, I sighed. A co-worker of mine called 2K's effort similiar to Wanye Gretzky's Hockey. It's true in more ways than one. Graphically and gameplay wise, the game feels anachronistic, meant for the Dreamcast rather a Next Gen system. I suppose that is fitting considering today is the 9.9.99. So don't waste your money. EA's made a game to play well into the year and perhaps on into the future. So far, it is the best iteration of the franchise past or present and is the best hockey available on the market. Moreover, NHL 09 is in serious contention to be sports game of the year for two years running."

NHL 09
Gamplay: B+
Graphics: A
Fun Factor: A
Value: A
Overall: A

Gamplay: C-
Graphics: C
Fun Factor: D
Value: D
Overall: D

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