'The Witcher 3' Success 'Harmed My Books,' Claims Author

Franchise Author Andrzej Sapkowski claims 'The Witcher 3' Success harmed his books

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ArchangelMike594d ago

Yeah, he's just a bitter jealous man. He wishes his books had the success that The Witcher games have had amd just can't handle it. It doesn't help that every time he opens his mouth nothing but vitriol comes out.

ThunderPulse593d ago

He sounds like a pompous fool every time he opens that mouth to complain about his book sales.

dedicatedtogamers593d ago

Yeah, seems like bitterness when he was the one who decided to license it out.

I'm sure his millions in royalties is just killing him...

cleft5593d ago

If anything this guy should be working with CDPR to figure out a way to promote his books. Of course the story in the game is different or told in a different way from the books. Thats not a bad thing, it just means people can read his books for the true telling of the story. What a moron, here he has an audience hungry for The Witcher content and all he can do is be jealous of the success of another interpretation of his work. There are no words for how childish this guy is behaving.

Mega24592d ago

Witcher games take place after the books, so reading the books is actually good to understand some of the plot and returning characters. I wouldn't actually want this man helping CD Projekt Red, with his awful attitude. Dude is just an a*hole.

Bhuahahaha593d ago

if aint for the game i will never know the witcher or the book existed in the first first lol

Timesplitter14592d ago (Edited 592d ago )

He does have a point though: “Seeing a picture from the game on the cover of my book, many fans assumed that the game was first. And respectable fans of sci-fi and fantasy hold such derivative books in contempt …"

This is SO true. For me, at least. I can't think of anything less interesting than a cheap game-based cash-grab book with the game's art on its cover. You know, like those Halo novels or whatever. Same thing for when a book gets a movie adaptation and its cover becomes the movie poster. It completely kills the appeal of the book.

It would've been much better to just keep the original covers and not try to tie in with the game too much. The sales would be just as good and the books would've preserved their identity. I'm guessing this was the publisher's decision and not the author's, because publishers LOVE to have poor judgement and be completely disconnected from their fans.

I'm sure the author is very graceful that the games have had so much success. But he's just mad at his book's publishers for being such huge idiots

Bahamut592d ago

Yeah, I have no idea what he's talking about because as soon as I beat The Witcher 3, I bought all of his books! Soooooo....

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Nivekki593d ago

I'm pretty sure the games opened up a larger market of people buying his books, I'd personally never heard of the books until the first game came out. Sounds like sour grapes to me.

Goldby593d ago

For a while people believed CDPR created the witcher series and that Andrzej wrote the books after.

Alot of miscommunication, and no matter what, if you are having to explain the same thing over and over it will cause headaches for sure.

Plus the fact that Witcher/Geralt and CDPR are more known than Witcher/Geralt and Andrzej

cleft5593d ago (Edited 592d ago )

Sure, but that isnt hurting his books. Its hurting his ego.

Goldby593d ago

How would you like it cleft if you created somethibg and everyone thought someine else created it originally and you only added to it?

morganfell593d ago

Had it not been for the games the books would never expanded to other languages and geographical areas such as the US.

_-EDMIX-_593d ago

What if that doesn't matter to him? at the end of the day you could have a crapload of money but an artist many times just wants to see their concept conveyed properly.

I'm sure he has legitimate reasons for feeling the way he feels we have artists many times that are literally millionaires but still are perfectionist and still are not content until their work is almost perfect sometimes money is not anything to them.

Nivekki593d ago

All of that goes out of the window when you sign the rights away in the first place Edmix. He agreed to it and I'm sure he didn't have a gun pointed to his head at the time. If he was worried about his concept being conveyed properly he would have declined and just been happy just to have his books being sold, no?

RedTfox592d ago (Edited 592d ago )

Can't understand the author Andrzej Sapkowski, going against the games.
Like Nivekki said, if was not for the games, i will never be able to know his work and his books here on Brazil.
I just buyed the first one, and i liked it very much, so i don't understand the complaints at all. He is now reaching a LOT more potencial readers from all over the world.

Bahamut592d ago

Yeah, I bought the books because of the game, this guy's nuts.

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JumpAction593d ago

That is such a shame. :(

I am a fan of the books and the games. I work with a man from Poland who has only read the books and adores them dearly. He is of the opinion that the video games have opened up more people to the series in both forms of media and he is thankful for it.

It's a shame the author only finds himself frustrated by the success of the video games. I can empathize that he is upset about the reputation of his work given the example he provides. I can say that the video games opened me up to reading the novels. They are superb.

HRoach616593d ago

Yeah I'm in the same camp. Didn't even know they were based on books until the third game came out and was a hit. Picked up two books after that. I can see why they are so highly regarded. They are phenomenal books.
I think he could be wrong about the games negatively impacting his book sales. But I don't see sales numbers so who knows.

oof46593d ago

I think what he meant to say was, "Where are my royalties?!?"

Zorkaz593d ago

I agree with Nivekki. Without the game, the books might have been unheard of. I'm not saying they're not good in any way, in fact they are the reason the Witcher was such a great game. But I can understand why he's feeling a little bitter. Sort of.

Movefasta1993593d ago

The books are incredible,when it comes to fantasy story telling he's up there with the best of them.but the truth is,if it weren't for the witcher 2,i would have never heard of them.

Zorkaz593d ago

Well there you go! His books are appreciated, and the Witcher just allows for that! I mean I guess he's upset that the Witcher will be remembered for the games, but in the end, so what? The people who read his books like them, that's what counts right?

Fist4achin593d ago

I agree with you. I never would have known about the Witcher lore until I tried the games. I have two books and they are very good. I think games are definitely more profitable than books in this day and age. Maybe he should lean on movie deals and then make a ton of money that way if that's the issue...

_-EDMIX-_593d ago

When you're an artist your Creations are literally your babies and sometimes having a crapload of money may not really matter.

He might feel that many people are mistaking the interpretation of the books with the games

RememberThe357592d ago

I see what your saying and as a writer I can sort of validate your idea, but his comments come across as purely egocentric. If The Witcher is indeed his baby then he either should have held on to the IP for himself or put more creative limits on how CDPR could interpret his writing. But as a writer I can think of nothing better than the realization of my creation (as far as I know he's completed The Witcher) followed by an other creative entity picking up where I left off. It's representative of life and the lack of control death brings. He finished his vision of The Witcher and instead of the character getting butchered by Hollywood or some cheap product, The Witcher found new story tellers to carry on the world he created. It's not going to be what he wants it to be because hes not the one creating it, that's the freedom he's now rejecting. He could be reveling in the new stories or perspectives that the games provided but instead he's wallowing in the depths of his own ego.

cfc83593d ago

His problem is that gaming punters might be more loyal and passionate about the game than readers are about his books. He took a cheque and underestimated CDPR and the gaming base. Not our problem witch boy.

Fist4achin593d ago

Truth be told, I still think gamers helped increase the fan base of his books just out of interest in wanting to learn more about his fantastical world he imagined.

On the other hand, witch boy can now imagine a world with more money. Until then he might be considered the bitcher.