Cliff Bleszinski Praises Gears of War 4's "Brilliant" Prologue and Fun Combat

Series creator Cliff Bleszinski shared some early praise for Gears of War 4's "brilliant" prologue and fun combat system.

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Garethvk409d ago

I have been very take it or leave it with the series to date but this looks fun.

Festano409d ago

There's something for everyone between campaign, Horde Mode and Versus. And they even added cross-play and split-screen

4Sh0w409d ago (Edited 409d ago )

Come on Cliffy B., admit wish Gears was still your Baby.

-OK, all jokes aside, yeah I'm really excited about this game, most of all it's gonna be great to play Gears of War 4 split screen with my kids.

408d ago
ccgr409d ago

I have yet to play any of them but they do look fun

lxeasy408d ago

Can't wait to play it, I already have it installed

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Aurenar409d ago

Never liked Gears of War saga. But they talk about Gears 4 just fine, now CliffB speaks well too, curious to try it so much.

Imp0ssibl3409d ago

It would have been petty of him to talk badly of Gears, like he was the only one capable of doing it right.
I'll be waiting for more impartial opinions.

slate91409d ago

Or you can go off the history the main trilogy games scored and base your opinion off of that. Either way, embargo lifts Oct 6th. Really no reason to expect low scores unless you desire them.

christocolus409d ago

Nice. Just waiting for the game to unlock now. Can't wait to jump into campaign and horde mode.

sammarshall102409d ago

It's gonna be greatness

Arms Race mode and Horde here I come

ClickbaitAF409d ago

Horde mode is gonna be badass. Has there been any word on beast mode returning?

Darkfist_Flames409d ago (Edited 409d ago )

cant wait to play this, but i dont understand what so special about the Prologue for him to even praise it

DJustinUNCHAIND409d ago

Instead of a recap video, they have a recap tutorial.

They also show a section of the pendulum wars, with the beloved Dom making a cameo.

The Emergence Day and Anvil gate sections show another point of view of a scene you play through in previous games.

TheCommentator409d ago

Do you also know how to write *spoiler alert*? That would have been nice of you.

Fist4achin409d ago

Cool to see that the creator of gears is giving it props when he's no longer involved.

Festano409d ago

Indeed. Though I'm not that interested in his new game, LawBreakers

KaiPow409d ago

I unfortunately feel the same about LawBreakers. The Gears campaign looks like something I'll definitely look forward to though!

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