GameSpot: Spore Creatures Review

GameSpot writes: "Spore Creatures for the DS isn't the far-reaching trek through evolution you may have expected--but don't take that as a reason to totally dismiss this charming title. It's still a cute adventure across multiple planets, and it features a pared-down version of the creature creation tool that helped make the PC release such a success. It has some annoying quirks, and it won't inspire an emotional connection between you and your digital doppelganger, but Spore Creatures is still a pleasant diversion and an appealing, if ordinary, companion to its bigger brother."

The Good

* Cute adventure across multiple planets
* Varied quest objectives keep things from getting stale
* Creature creator is surprisingly robust

The Bad

* Some frustrating gameplay elements
* Various control and camera quirks
* Being forced into certain creature designs minimizes player creativity

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