Five reasons Xbox One sales are booming

According to a new report, week-on-week sales of Xbox One were up 1000% at the end of September. How has the tide turned so dramatically for the console?

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UCForce502d ago (Edited 502d ago )

Well, you win, Xbox. Congrats, MS. Look, We PS need to understand about this. We are not always invincible in the end. We gotta keep move on and improve. There are time we have to face mistakes even we are trying to accept it. But we can fix this and keep improving for better future. Sometimes it work and sometimes it's not. In the end, let's Xbox community have their moments.

MasterCornholio502d ago (Edited 502d ago )

Why drag PlayStation into this?

Just like Xbox fans PlayStation fans are enjoying their system.


"Why not? Doesn't PS fans deserves better?"

I owned a PS4 since launch and the system treated me very well.

As for the importance of watching movies while that's nice it isn't essential to the success of a gaming system. The PS4 sold quite well without it.


Your village called.

Obscure_Observer502d ago

Why not? Doesn't PS fans deserves better?

By not include an UHD drive on both Playststion Slim and Pro, Sony left a lot to be desired.

In case the S continue performing well sales wise, both Sony and MS will include an UHD drive on both Scorpio and PS5.

UCForce502d ago (Edited 502d ago )

Well, I'm not trying to. But I want give them a compliment. I know I enjoying my system, too. But there are people can be blind and always thinking they are perfect, but it isn't. And you @Obscure_ Observer, show some respect to PS community and don't make Xbox Community look bad. I respect my competitors and you should, too.

Edit : @Obscure_Observer I'm loyal to PS, but I respect my competitors.

Kingthrash360502d ago (Edited 502d ago )

How are the "tides turning"?
Because the xbox is selling more than ps4? So we gunna sit here and act like people aren't waiting to get a pro? Gunna sit and act like people aren't waiting to get vr? Both are things imminent to launch. If people want to clam MS are turning the tide but ignore what's going on shows how sad it is.

I'm not taking nothing away from xbox...its just there is a reason for this. 2 big reasons for this.

Obscure....a uhd drive is a desire....but that's not alot bro. Givin the fact that the pro will be 3x stronger than a ps4 and xbox s for 100 bucks more (50 bucks more than 1tb versions) then I don't know what to tell you. I'm not saying that's why it up 1000% for the end of the's crazy how yall twist numbers's up because it's being bundled with gears...same thing happened when halo far as ps4's still's not up 1000% because its always been selling. Giving these week over week numbers is funny because you are making your own win here. The real question is how much is xbox selling more than ps4? That's always been the question. I remember when mario kart dropped for the wiiu and sales went up 2000%...big name games tend to do that...the ps4 is having upgraded version releasing in a month and psvr releasing like next week. Preorders don't count. So when the pro does launch you will see the same kind of increase...vr isn't gunna count as ps4 sales. You guys are just shouting from the mountain tops for an expected increase. Enjoy your homemade win. But it'll be funny if they lose the month. Smh. I remember when xbox was touting selling more xbox consoles than the ps4 during e3 week......they lost that month.

Obscure_Observer502d ago


Wth are you talking about, man?

I want you to show me where exactly i disrespect the PS community? If you want to start some childish fanboy argument you should pick someone else.

I own both original ps4 AND xbox one. That said, i have no loyalty to ANY brand. I'm loyal to games AND good gamers.

I not sure what i say that got you all warm up but, chill out dude. In the end its all about having fun with games. ;)

Obscure_Observer502d ago


Agreed, its a great system. Don't get me wrong, i'm not bashing Playstation.

But i will not sugarcoat any company for their mistakes.

Ms screw up with the original Xbox One everyone know this. They only improved because they are legging behind playststion, nothing more, nothing less.

Now it seems that Sony is resting on their laurels becoming complacent.

That MY opnion and i don't mean it to try and convince you otherwise. ;)

Death502d ago


So you are saying sales of the Xbox One are up 1000% at the end of the month because people are waiting for the Pro and PSVR? Makes sense...

nitus10502d ago (Edited 502d ago )


The PS1, PS2, PS3 and PS4 are games machines and taking the PS3 and PS4 (includes slim and pro) as examples the Bluray player is actually for games media although it just so happens that you can play Bluray and DVD movies which can be considered a value-added feature to all of those systems.

What has a UHD Bluray to do with games? Answer it doesn't although it does fit in with Microsoft's 2013 introduction to the XB1 of TV, movies, TV, Sports, TV, TV and cough games.

I do think people are waiting for the PSVR ($399 USD, 13th Oct 2016) and the PS4pro ($399USD, 10th Nov 2016), that is probably why the XB1s is beating the PS4 (not by much though) in the US and the UK but worldwide the PS4 still dominates in sales.

The problem you have here is it is fairly hard to get accurate sales figures since Microsoft does not like to release them. I wonder why?

freshslicepizza502d ago (Edited 502d ago )

"So you are saying sales of the Xbox One are up 1000% at the end of the month because people are waiting for the Pro and PSVR? Makes sense... "

no, sales are up because people are waiting for project scorpio and that will cannibalize xbox one s sales. oh wait. sales should go down then right? i'm confused.

Obscure_Observer502d ago (Edited 502d ago )


Granted. That might be true in the Ps4Pro case. 100 bucks more for a console 3x more powerfull? That's a sweet deal!

But what about the ps4 slim? You know it should have an uhd drive build in to stay competitive with Xbox One S if Sony is charging 300 bucks for it.

The ps4 still is the more powerfull console but, the S's 4K upscaler and HDR is a great selling point as well.

Time will tell, but a think Sony made some bad decisions that might hurt them in the long term. Specially with the ps4 slim.

No uhd drive
No 4k upscaler
No optical port
Too expensive if compared to S
Only 100 bucks cheaper than Pro
Release window too small between the ps4pro.

I think Sony should drop the ps4 slim price asap!

S2Killinit502d ago (Edited 502d ago )

No sales of xbox one are up because their new console has arrived. But if for example you notice amazon's best sellers at the moment, sales of PS4 are up as well, in fact PS4 is outselling xbox S with two of their SKUs:
1) the PS4 Pro
2) the PS4 Slim

Both are outselling the fastest selling xbox. its natural that xbox's new SKU is selling good. Why dont we wait until PS4's new SKU's arrive before claiming a victor?

Here are the results:
Playstation has 4 SKUs in the top 100 bestsellers at the moment at numbers: 33, 37, 54, and 85.
Xbox one only managed one SKU in top 100 at number: 38

nix502d ago

"Why not? Doesn't PS fans deserves better?"

deserve what better? 4K movie playback? i think the reason people bought those PS4 are already happy with whatever they're getting. like games for instance. lots of great games.

bow2yoda502d ago

the xbone and ps4 treat players like little red headed step children. this is the worst gen in history. mostly remakes and over hyped garbage. i hope that these deveopers start actually making great games again instead of making soso games and calling them masterpieces...

XanderZane502d ago

PS4 has movies & TV as well. They even got their own TV show "POWERS". They also recently added the Playstation Vue. Like XB1, the PS4 still have ALL the movie/TV apps like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, etc.. So what do you mean the PS4 sold quite well without it. It sold well "WITH IT". TV/Movie is just another optional choice. People still seem to forget that the PS3 was marketed as a Blu-Ray player first and not as a game console. There are lots of commercials on YouTube to prove this to be true. After Blu-Ray successfully beat HD-DVD, Sony then decided to market the PS3 as a game console. Fanboys all seemed fine with that for some reason. The only 2 reasons I can think of for Sony leaving out the UHD Blu-Ray from the PS4 Pro is 1) Keep PS4 Pro at a low starting price of $399. 2) Sony wanted consumers to purchase their stand alone $300+ UHD Blu-Ray players. Sony is already far into the lead, so even a few lost of sales from not putting a UHD Blu-Ray in the PS4 Pro isn't going to hurt them much.

stevej336502d ago

Playstation defense force activate!

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Death502d ago


WTF are you talking about? This is a story about Xbox sales at the end of September. Are you claiming Sony outsold Microsoft the last week in September since they are having higher spots at Amazon today? I suppose if they hop in a time machine and run those credit cards last week, you just might be on to something.

"Data obtained from GfK, the market research company that compiles software sales charts in the UK, also showed that Microsoft’s machine had a 71% share of the hardware market for that week"

What percent do you think was sold to be higher than the 71% Microsoft had for week this story is reporting?

Let's be honest, we all know Sony is king when it comes to sales. Let's just give Microsoft the week here and stop trying to spin it into something else. I promise the world won't end if Microsoft sold a couple more consoles.

Eonjay502d ago

Its because of Fifa. Damn you guys are baited to damn easy. The last week of September Xbox One sales increased 10x week over week 10x is 1000%. Why is that. Its because Fifa launched. And it was bundled with the Xbox One. Also, FIFA went on to sell over 1 million copies the first week. Its not about the BluRay or anything. Its about the games... like it has ALWAYS been. Stop being baited by these websites.

ShadowKnight502d ago (Edited 502d ago )

@Rookie_monster didn't you get banned for trolling 😂😂😂

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UCForce502d ago

I'm not saying is the end. But I'm saying that we have to move on and to improve.

Sunny_D502d ago

Why do you talk like Confucius?

UCForce502d ago (Edited 502d ago )

I'm sorry, but I don't have humor in my life. I play video game for fun, but I don't have comedy in my heart.

Red_Renegade502d ago

i think it's all about all the sales xbox has been in. add a new game for the first time in months, and it's not that surprising. i'm surprised they're looking so hard at weeks, though. i think it's sad they have to do that.

502d ago
S2Killinit502d ago

Truth is that MS is pushing hard to portray the image that they are doing better. The xbox S is selling as it should, but its being outsold by two PS4 SKUs as we speak. Both the Pro and the Slim are selling faster.

Red_Renegade502d ago

what is there to damage control, bg? xbox fans are making a big deal out of a jump in sales, and don't seem to care about what the jump really means. which is really weird, since they said they didn't care about sales anymore.

Paytaa502d ago

Why are you making this sound so dramatic like it's the end of some really bad football movie?

UCForce502d ago (Edited 502d ago )

I'm sorry, it's because I don't have humor in my life. I always being serious since I was child.

Soc5502d ago

Don Mattrick is crying right now, his goal of ending xbox brand has been thwarted.

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MasterCornholio502d ago

Congratulations Microsoft.

I would like to see a few more months of sales before claiming that the tides are turning.

LexHazard79502d ago

Why wait and see few more months? Xbox tides have turned since Phil took over. And the sales ever since Xbox S release have been great. And the holiday months are coming up, so you know its gonna do well.

MasterCornholio502d ago (Edited 502d ago )

Well by tides are turning I assume people are talking about sales and not brand image.

I'm just curious to see how the console will perform several months after launch.


I agree with people that Phil did a great job with improving the brand's image.

hiawa23502d ago (Edited 502d ago )

Exactly, the tide started turning when Phil took over. MS has made great strides. I play on all consoles, not attached to anyone. I find it hilarious those who worship the names on the boxes.

MS deserves credit for correcting the ship. The 1S is a nice improvement over the orig. No one is saying the X1 will outsell the PS4, but from where they started to where we are now is a success. As a gamer I want everyone to do well as a healthy console market is a market where MS, Sony, and Nintendo are doing well.

Some gamers are like repubs vs dems, and it is sickening to see blind allegiance, rooting for your party while hating on the other. I just can't get with that mentality at all, especially when it comes to games.

Masta Kaos502d ago

Sit down....nothing is turning

Major_Glitch502d ago

LOL. So...sales matter again? Xbox fans seem to be unable to make up their minds on this one.

Major_Glitch502d ago

Lol. So...sales matter again? Xbox fans seem to keep changing their minds on this.

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rainslacker502d ago (Edited 502d ago )

Guess it depends on what tide you're talking about.

Perception of the brand, sure, MS has been doing gangbusters there, and quite honestly, it's about as good as the original Xbox was in terms of being "for the players", or whatever. Not that I feel they are doing so well on getting the variety message across as they could, but overall, they are a lot better than they were at the end of the 360, and beginning of this gen. I doubt anyone could contest that....even the most ardent PS troll.

But for sales, since Phil took over, the past couple months, and a month here or there, is the first time we've seen a surge of Xbox sales, and most of that is in NPD reports, and twice in three years in the limited to only two regions...albeit big regions. This came on the back of a new hardware release, and excessively awesome discounts and deals on the old hardware, and even on the X1S with a full free game of choice with any X1S purchase, and not due to anything that Phil has done specifically to increase sales on the whole for the long term, because I doubt it was Phil who mandated that they should make a new slim console. Before that, X1 sales were mostly flat, and at times it's been assumed they weren't even keeping up with 360 sales in the same time frame. X1 is the fastest selling Xbox console...last I checked anyways, but a lot of that was from the initial launch, subsequent quick price drop, and 180's, which Phil I believe did do a good job marketing to save the brand from irrelevance.

I just feel all this sales talk is too black and white though. There is too much jumping to conclusions over singular reports which try to make all these things seem like a trend, when the prior 3 odd years of sales indicate that no actual sales tides have turned. It's more like MS threw some rocks, which caused some ripples which eventually fade away to go back to the overall stillness the water was at before.

Skillz1215502d ago (Edited 502d ago )

not compared to PS4

trooper_502d ago

Its a tide changer when the XB1 reaches PS4 sales.

Silly Mammo502d ago

@Masta Kaos- Bbuut the tides!

DLConspiracy502d ago (Edited 502d ago )


Sales have always mattered to PS fans. Now they don't matter? It can go either way. Best to just not say that.

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butchertroll501d ago

People who thinking that Xbone will surpass PS4 in UK because Xbone had one good week are hilarious.

You should go back to reality.

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LexHazard79502d ago

This is good, but Im looking forward to NPD.
There was alot of naysayers saying Xbox One would not take another month on NPD rest of year. This one article already mentions PS4 Slim sales have been slow in comparison.

MasterCornholio502d ago (Edited 502d ago )

I heard that September might be a slim victory. By slim I mean that one console will slightly outsell the other. Rumors point to the Xbox One achieving that victory. As for October and November that's anybody's guess.

But the bottom line is that both are doing extremely well. I doubt that Microsoft and Sony are unhappy with the sales.


I read that preorders are extremely good for the Pro. November should be quite interesting since retailers will have a huge stock of Pros.

kneon502d ago

It's looking like sales are back to normal with PS4 back in the lead. And that lead will jump even further when the pro ships next month.

Majin-vegeta502d ago

October i can see going to PS4.Member COD4 remasteres campaign releases tomorrow.We all know how popular that damn game is as well as November

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S2Killinit502d ago (Edited 502d ago )

Well, it depends, if you dont count the PS4 Pro's preorders on amazon, the PS4 Slim is outselling the fastest selling xbox S bunch by a slight margin at the moment.

PS4 has four SKU's in the top 100 bestsellers with the PS4 Pro leading the group, and xbox has one SKU in the top 100 with the gears bundle.

threefootwang502d ago

A known Sony fanboy commenting on an Xbox article. Am I honestly surprised? Why are you so desperately trying to defend the PS4 in an article that has nothing to do with it?! The gaming world doesn't just revolve around Sony only, get over yourself already.

Obscure_Observer502d ago

Top notch quality product, awesome features, great value and at top of all, afordable price.

Congrats MS!

TranceHop 502d ago

On n4g its disrespectful to say something positive about Xbox. You should know that by now lol

sho0ok502d ago

Unfortunately that's true 😂. It is like you're talking shit to them directly, and they take it personally. Haha

butchertroll502d ago

Because the rest of his post are..... That's why he get disagree votes.

butchertroll502d ago (Edited 502d ago )

Quote :

The ps4 still is the more powerfull console but, the S's 4K upscaler and HDR is a great selling point as well.

Time will tell, but a think Sony made some bad decisions that might hurt them in the long term. Specially with the ps4 slim.

No uhd drive
No 4k upscaler
No optical port
Too expensive if compared to S
Only 100 bucks cheaper than Pro
Release window too small between the ps4pro.


4k upscaler. WOW, can't wait to see upscaled BF1 on Xbone from 720p to 4K. Did you know that PS4 has HDR too? Did you know that PS4 offers a WCG for games ( 10-bit or 12-bit color gamut ) unlike Xbone S which only support rc.709 or 8-bit color gamut for games?

502d ago
XanderZane502d ago (Edited 502d ago )

Yeah, I'd say they got it right with the XB1 Slim. As for the reasons. Here's my take on it.

1. Actually the XBox Scorpio is the console gamers wanted. If they had released that console at launch for $500 without Kinect, they probably wouldn't be selling systems at half the rate of their competition. I think people are buying XB1 S because they have a 4K UHDTV and want to see what their games will look like in UHD with HDR10.

2. $299 is a great price for the XB1 Slim. Considering UHD Blu-Ray can cost $200 - $400. This system is a bargain.

3. With FH3 and Gears 4, Microsoft will probably have the best racing and FPS this generation on their console. I'm sure their are fans who really want these game in 4K HDR. So yes, they've probably courted a few fans over. They will need to court a hell of a lot more though.

4. 4K is the next big thing besides VR at this point. Microsoft having this for the XB1 S and Scorpio is a huge plus. Can 4K help to sell millions more systems? Microsoft also needs to bring a lot more games to the table.

5. FH3, Halo 5, Recore have already released. Gears 4 is coming in a couple weeks and next year there will be Scalebound, Sea of Thieves, We Happy Few, Cuphead, Below, Crackdown 3. Still need more though. Microsoft needs a few 3rd party companies to make exclusive games for them, the same way Sony has Japanese 3rd party companies (Capcom, Koei/Temco, Bandai/Namco, Konami, Atlus, From Software, etc..) make exclusives for their system. If they can make that happen, I think they will be alright.

game4funz502d ago

Very sound logic. In the meantime gamers will continue to play on what they like despite sales.

Competition is awesome.

bafa502d ago

You're so quick to talk about checkerboard 4k and native 4k. Yet your console now still uses 720p on a lot of games.

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