Terrifying Outlast 2 Demo Hits PlayStation Store

GameRevolution: "The best part is you can play it this week, and for free. A 5.1GB demo has hit the PlayStation Store that offers a glimpse into what the game is like to play."

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ArchangelMike628d ago

Will this series ever get the VR treatment? Outlast in VR would be insane.

S-Word627d ago

It has. It's called Resident Evil 7.

Skillz1215627d ago

no thats called resident evil 7 he said outlast 2

TheEvilResident1997627d ago

Your a moron spreading your stupidity u troll.

Kurdishcurse627d ago

dumb and misinformed comment. unlike the cheap gimmick that is outlast, resi evil atleast has combat.

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627d ago Replies(1)

I downloaded the demo today.... in usa

TXIDarkAvenger627d ago

Same demo that was played a while ago but it was still nice to actually be able to play it.

SenorFartCushion627d ago

It has hit every store

My god this website.

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