GamesRadar: Monster mash modding

GamesRadar writes: "Even before its release, Spore was already a phenomenon-the game's Creature Creator application became a Net craze three months earlier. More than two million homemade creepy-crawlies found their way onto the web within weeks of the editor arriving online and in stores on June 18, making it the first time an unreleased game became the biggest thing in PC modding.

All of which sure caught me by surprise. I didn't think so many people would be interested in shelling out $10 for what could most charitably be described as a limited demo, especially since the Creature Creator offers nothing in terms of actual gameplay: all you can do with it is whip up monsters and post them online for fellow mad-scientist wannabes to ooh and aah over for now, and grab for their own Spore games later. I figured EA actually had a loser on its hands."

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