1up preview: Bioshock

1up writes: Even if you don't own an Xbox 360, you've no doubt heard of 2K Boston's (née Irrational Games) first-person masterpiece BioShock. Sony diehards who've refused to taint their homes with Microsoft's console finally have a chance to play this instant shooter classic on their preferred platform, so I've taken the time to capture video of the PS3 experience...and my general BioShock ineptitude.

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Silogon3719d ago

Xbxo 360 version seems a bit brighter and more aliased. The Ps3 version is a tad darker with a few more jaggies to it and the texture detail on the hand is much better on the xbox 360 version going off the vids; if you ask me.

CViper3719d ago

Jaggies - Can't tell because of compression, but the 360 lines for windows are just as chattery as the ps3 side.

Textures - Ps3 hands down. Look at the detail of the city buildings vs the 360's textureless backgrounds. The 360 is also tearing like no tomorrow to try to keep the framerate stable, where as the Ps3 side isn't suffering from that.

Sligon, imwith you on so many things bro.. but this time you are just dead wrong.

PimpHandStrong3719d ago

dude listen to yourself!!!!

texture on the hand is much better?!?!?!

i bet you something

When i play this game on my 1080p TV with the HDMI hook up it will be better looking then 90% of the ppl who played this game on a 360 on a non HD TV with component cables

see what i did there

bet u do

GameOn3719d ago

Who cares. The only real difference is the extra content.

Silogon3719d ago

I'm sure all the games I play with my rig, much like yourself, look better than 80% of what people play on their xbox 360's and ps3's, man. Most people don't adjust or take the time to tweak their setups to get the best displays. Most people just stick the game in and play it or hook their systems up and go.

Me, I'm a different person. I like to know I am getting the absolute best quality outof each game and or console. that's why when I see these comparisons "by and large" I laugh cause my Ps3 games never look anything like them. They look 2 folds better, easly.

Now, with me saying the xbox 360 version seemed to have beter textures and less aliasing; maybe you all are right. I couldn't really be 100% sure with how small it was, but I did post my opinions and they are probably wrong. We'll see... I think Bio shock was an amazing game on the xbox 360 and will no doubt transfer over very well to the Ps3. I'm buying it no doubt.

GameOn3719d ago

But you can only play through it so many times.
It really needs some sort of survival mode.

marichuu3718d ago

"I laugh cause my Ps3 games never look anything like them. They look 2 folds better, easly."

Sir, you're an idiot, sorry.

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