GameSpy: Facebreaker Review

GameSpy writes: "There's no question that the sweet science has been awfully kind to EA. After four years of reigning as the king of boxing titles with the Fight Night series, the publisher has turned its eye to the dormant genre of arcade-style boxing. FaceBreaker, its new attempt to fill the spot left vacant by Ready 2 Rumble, tries to take cartoonish fisticuffs to the HD era. Unfortunately, its rock-paper-scissors gameplay doesn't feel nearly as balanced as that of its past counterparts, making it an awfully hard sell.

FaceBreaker's pretty simple to explain. You pick from a garden variety of outrageous characters, from the chubby martial artist Steve to silver-haired cover star Ice, and button-mash your way to a championship belt. Alternately, you can create a boxer or download user-created faces to graft onto your pugilist. Then you unleash a twitchy torrent of punches in the hopes that your opponent won't get up."

+A colorful title with great-looking characters and well-implemented user-generated content

-Terribly flawed and unbalanced gameplay mechanics alongside brutally punishing AI make this a chore to play

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