Game Focus: Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09 All-Play Review

Game Focus writes: "It's tough to deliver a good and flawless sport game every year but it seems that EA Tiburon is taking the right steps on the Wii. After delivering what was certainly a good and very interesting Madden game, the developers have hit another home run (or a hole-in-one in this case) with the 2009 version of Tiger Woods PGA Tour, making the hardcore gamer ask himself a very rare and particular question: should I play Tiger on my kick-ass next-gen console or on my Wii? "

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Product3746d ago

Got the wii version and the controls are [email protected] near perfect.Career mode is good with the ability only on the wii to skip the PGA tour and go straight to the fedex cup playoffs.Online is the best thing ever though for this game which works very well.Very rewarding game.