Modern Warfare Remastered Trophy List Hits The Net

PlayStation gamers will get to play Modern Warfare Remastered starting October 5th if they pre-order Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare on the PlayStation Store. PlayStation gamers also never got the trophy treatment with the original Call of Duty 4, so they never got properly rewarded for their efforts with experiences like the infamous "Mile High Club". The list is out in the wild now and gamers will probably be excited to see the trophy list is mostly unaltered from Call of Duty 4's original achievement list with a few new "miscellaneous" trophies added over the original 37 achievements.

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Majin-vegeta537d ago

Gonna Plat the game and cancel my pre order afterwards ;).

SpaceRanger537d ago

Amazon right? How does that work again? lol and are we sure it'll work for this.

Majin-vegeta537d ago

No Gamestop.You gotta pay off the whole game first they will give you a code to input.

DarkOcelet537d ago

" Mile High Club
Sky dive to safety on Veteran difficulty. "

I remember when I got that. Good times. Back then COD was the $hit.

RosweeSon536d ago

Nowadays it's just shit haha but I've not played for a couple of years got a cheap copy of advanced warfare was alright nailed the campaign with Kevin spacey but not gonna lie really excited about remaster can't be arsed with waiting it out for a seperate release that won't happen or waitin for the digital deluxe edition to go in the sale, shopped around and found the Legacy edition brand new £60 considering they normally want £40/45 for the new COD each year and I've not bought on launch for 4-5 years now I thought ey why now. Was hoping to sell the disc but apparently that's need now yet they are able to send the code or to ps4 owners 30 days early the disc on launch and it'll still work... without the disc? So either campaign will work without the disc clearly or it's just multiplayer that requires disc or they'll patch it all in on launch day to require the disc. Shit move really but 2 games one of which I know is top notch for £60 why not nail it for 3-6 months sell it on if ever wanna play again on future get a cheap disc second hand when it costs peanuts because there's been another game or 2 released.

TheColbertinator537d ago

Most fun 1000 points I ever got. Beating the sniper mission was the toughest of all. Waiting for a chopper,claymores bursting everywhere and emptying the final magazine from a recovered G3 rifle.

536d ago