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Majin-vegeta351d ago

Why didnt you guys mention he made a stupid decision??He was drinking and driving.I have no sympathy for people who put innocents lifes at risk.Not only does his family have to deal thst hes gone now.But also thst he killed his best friend.

Agent Smith351d ago

His best friend also has a kid. :(

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Psychonaut85350d ago

Scarlett Hamilton-F#%k you, guy just died and you're here hocking your spammy bulls#%t. Have some f#%king decency.

Palitera350d ago

^ Not sure if trolling...

IndominusRex351d ago

Its kinda rude to say that when someone dies... I get that what your trying to say but still.

clonerz351d ago

How do you really get any down votes? i am ashamed to say I'm a daily n4ger

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Nitrowolf2351d ago

It's rude, but come on he made this decision. I don't see why we should mourn for him at all.

It was completely avoidable, he put himself and others in harm and this was the reaction.

I dont ever like seeing people die, but jeez, think people before you drive

LexHazard79351d ago

Im sure when he/she dies they wont give a shit about them either.

NXSwitch351d ago

If the guy was alive right now he'd be going to prison for his actions! He was old enough to know what is wrong & right. At the end of the day let their souls r.i.p.

Allsystemgamer351d ago

He put other people at risk and killed someone in process. So no. He gets no sympathy.

KwietStorm351d ago (Edited 351d ago )

It's about to be 2017. If you have the lack of coherence at this point in life to drive drunk, then you deserve your judgement. He took the life of a child's father. His friend should have known better than to get in the car himself, but regardless, I have a huge problem drumming up sympathy for drunk drivers. I get pissed enough when people are texting on their phones while driving sober.

BlaqMagiq1350d ago

No he deserved to die. He made one of the dumbest decisions of his life and he paid the ultimate price for it. Please don't defend stupidity.

BLAKHOODe350d ago (Edited 350d ago )

It's more rude to put innocent people at risk, kill your best friend and have his kid grow up fatherless, when you know the potential consequences of the dangerous choice you're making. It is what it is. He might not have meant for this to happen, but it doesn't change the outcome of his bad decision. But his friend's choice was no better by getting in a car being driven by a drunk driver.

Utalkin2me350d ago

@IndominusRex, clonerz

So everyone should follow the PC route and not be honest? He was drinking and driving and paid the price for his stupidity. Not only did he kill himself, he affected lives of others with his stupidity. Im sure this was not the first time he has drank and drove. So the streets are safer now.

P.S. And far as him being a COD legend is funny....

chobit_A5HL3Y350d ago

it's a sad thing, but he made that decision. when you willingly gamble with OTHER people's lives, why should anyone really feel bad for you? it's an unfortunate loss, but there's a reason why the campaign against drinking and driving is so serious. it effects so many people when just one person decides to do it.

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floydian1351d ago

I joined N4G just to upvote your comment. As a father of 2, I completely agree with your statement.
Those poor families .......

Hazzard350d ago

Same for me i joined just to comment. And his statement is not true at all. PHiZZURP wasn't drinking and driving. They have done a blood test and the results said he wasn't intoxicated with anything.

Qrphe351d ago

Exactly, I only feel it for his family and the ones of those he ruined. For him not at all.

Elda351d ago

If true, that's not cute.As a teenager I was hit by a drunk driver & I thank God I'm here to live another day & enjoy one of my favorite hobbies & that's videogames!

peewee11016351d ago

Because they never 100% said he was drinking dumbass. They said he MAY HAVE BEEN DRINKING...

Majin-vegeta351d ago

You do know cops wont say alcohol may have been a factor unless something catches their attention having to do with it??of course you dont.

morganfell351d ago (Edited 349d ago )

Bottle of vodka in the pickup AND HE WAS DRIVING THE WRONG WAY. At some point we have to save feelings of sorrow for the living victims and put responsibility on the responsible. Death should not be a means to escape culpability simply because of some notion concerning speaking ill of the dead. How about speaking honestly of the dead.

EDIT: Well crucify me because I had several pages open and grabbed the wrong link. I made a mistake. That sounds like an offense that deserves a firing squad, right? It does not change the fact that he was driving and police suspect speed was also a factor. It is called outdriving the conditions, including driving beyond one's skill. That is not a blameless incident. Good guy or not the vehicle did not roll itself over.

xkarxfreddy351d ago (Edited 351d ago )

morganfell thats not even the car crash he was involved in ffs

EDIT: dunno why i couldnt just reply to his post

2600Thunder351d ago (Edited 351d ago )

After serving 2 combat tours, I learned that any and all death is tragic - regardless of our decisions. Careless mistakes and recklessness at the cost of others' lives have been made by many good people.

No one is sinless. He's paid the ultimate price. May he rest in peace.

starchild351d ago

That's how I see it too. He did a horrible thing, but it's still very tragic. We've all made mistakes that (could have) resulted in hurting ourselves or others.

ricosuave351d ago

He's a 23 year old guy that went out and made a bad choice he's human it happens sure friends and family of everyone involved are going to suffer from this you're probably one of those people along with everyone that's upvoting you that thinks Paul Walker getting in a car that his friend decided to speed in and crashing it killing both is a dandy decision its not this guy was drinking Walker got into a fast car sober and now both guys have family that are suffering with something that could have been prevented by this 23 year old guy and by Paul Walker and to be honest if I got into a car with someone that started to speed I would have said let out so you don't kill either of us everyone is human we're all put here to make mistakes sometimes we can benefit from those mistakes or not

Angeljuice350d ago

Have you ever heard of punctuation?

ricosuave350d ago (Edited 350d ago )

Angeljuice Nope and it shows by how I type and you should really use a space in between Angel and juice :)

cpayne93351d ago

None of you guys would be saying this if he was your family. Making a stupid decision under the influence of alcohol does not mean you deserve to die.

Segata351d ago

Yes I would and I have. 13 years ago. I had to and still saying it.

Majin-vegeta350d ago

Actually I have told some of my family members that are heavy drinkers.If this ever happens to them and they decided to make a dumb decision i will have no sympathy for them

ricosuave350d ago

No they wouldn't these people are probably the types of people that can do nothing wrong in their lives have family and friends who can do no wrong in their lives and that's how it is in their eyes

Sitdown350d ago

Just because you wouldn't do it, doesn't mean others can't. Working in the field of addiction, I interact with people who don't have as much control as you all would like to make it out to be

rainslacker350d ago

From my experience, I would mourn the loss, but still be angry that the person made such a stupid decision and fault the person lost for the tragedy.

The two things don't have to be mutually exclusive.

Since the people on here likely don't have a connection to him, they simply are angry he made a stupid decision, and don't feel it's worth celebrating whatever status he had due to it.

CarlosX360350d ago

Being under influence of alcohol has nothing to do with it. If you don't know how to control your alcohol, or any of that... then you shouldn't drink, OR DRIVE for that matter.

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NapalmSanctuary351d ago

To mourn is to deal with ones own feelings on the issue, not sympathize with the dead.

kparks351d ago

Sad and all but who is this guy exactly??? Never heard of him

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trooper_350d ago

I agree.
I have little sympathy for someone who does something this stupid and drags an innocent human being along with them.

It's sad.

Angeljuice350d ago


Retarded simply means held back from reaching full development. It isn't the word or the term retarded that is offensive, it is the context.

For example, the Last Guardian is a game that was retarded for several years by the hardware it was using (PS3).

CarlosX360350d ago

Drinking has nothing to do with bad decisions. Nothing.

Hazzard350d ago ShowReplies(1)
wannabe gamer350d ago

but he wasnt. the people that were with him that night said none of them were drinking and the ywere in fact joking about being sober on a party night before they left.

deitis350d ago

That's been disputed by his girlfriend since publication of the report. She claims he was drinking water, and bloodwork came back showing no alcohol in his system. His friend was drinking but he was not the one driving.

daynnight365350d ago

Bc then it wouldn't feel right to mourn over his death

ChronoJoe350d ago (Edited 350d ago )

I guess it turns out that being good at Call of Duty doesn't mean you're a good person. Who'd have thought?

I understand within inner circles, as in, if you're part of the e-sports scene it's going to be very difficult to accept that a good proportion of your community may be a little unscrupulous, so I understand why that's just dismissed and they appreciate these players for what they brought to the game. But for outsiders, for people on N4G, neogaf, or wherever you're seeing this news, it's very difficult to care, especially given the circumstances.

Of course any life lost needlessly is a tragedy, but the world isn't black and white, not all losses are equal and in this case considering the wreckless disregard for the lives of others that this person showed, it's more difficult to mourn this loss.

With that said, mistakes are not exclusive to this guy. Everyone makes them and only some are punished for them. This guy made a mistake but persecuting him for that after he died is relatively purposeless. I'm not religious, but the phrase "let he that is without sin cast the first stone" comes to mind. We've all made mistakes, mistakes that in some cases could have gotten ourselves or others killed, and it's unfortunate that his mistake cost him his life, and that of his friend.

Number-Nine350d ago (Edited 350d ago )

Who? And he died drinking and driving? Thank god he didn't hurt anyone else. What a moron.

MasterCornholio350d ago (Edited 350d ago )

What you said is harsh but this man cost another his life with his irresponsible behavior.

Drinking and driving don't mix.

With that sad it's a loss of a human life and thats never a good thing.

Anways may his soul rest in peace.

Those poor families though.

Mithan350d ago

Truth is, you are right. However, I do have sympathy for them, but the rest I agree with.

It is too bad we live in a society that glorifies drinking.

leeks350d ago

Shouldnt be remembered as a cod legend anymore. Just a dumbass drunk driver.

CarlosX360350d ago

It's not about the drinking, dude. It's just pure [bad] luck.

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paddy95351d ago

Selfish idiot. No time for those wasters.

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saywat247351d ago (Edited 351d ago )

anybody posting a video of themself grieving is just seeking some type of attention imo. rip and sorry for the loss but he made the decision to drink and drive and they made the decision to tag along with an intoxicated driver instead of making the right decision to get someone sober to drive or call a taxi not to mention he was putting other peoples lives at risk. kinda hard to feel bad for that when they didnt have a care for their own life. but a life is a life. rest in peace.

deitis350d ago

That's not necessarily true. This guy had a huge fanbase - you'd have to let them know somehow. The esports community basically lives on Twitter.

Utalkin2me350d ago (Edited 350d ago )

Ummmm his fanbase wasnt that big. And he has been on decline for a while now.

SegaGamer350d ago

I find this whole share your whole life on social media thing weird. If someone has a fanbase, then a quick message on Twitter is more than enough to get the news across. Making a video of yourself grieving to get a bunch of views is just distasteful.

CarlosX360350d ago

I agree. His girlfriend was looking for attention.

Elda351d ago (Edited 350d ago )

Don't know who he is but it's not cute when you read & hear sad news like this posted in gaming news.God bless his family & friends through this difficult time in their lives.

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81BX351d ago

Sucks for his parents and fam. Darwin......