$70 Off On Xbox One 1TB Console Bundle

"If you still have not owned an Xbox One console, Amazon is offering $70 off on Xbox One 1TB Console Tom Clancy’s The Division Bundle! Grab it now!"

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Cindy-rella682d ago (Edited 682d ago )

Lol, hopefully microsoft has good packaging for that kitchen sink as well. The xbox one will have deals where its closer to 90% off this holiday season because ive seen xbox one deals where its almost half off retail price with five free games.

Im wondering how much money can microsoft be making off of selling xbox ones because the systems are always on sale. Since a couple months after launching the xbox one the sytems are always on sale while offering free games. I know fanat-X like to think microsoft like to waste money and not make money and also think microsoft ill continuously pour money in the xbox division o matter what.

Chris12682d ago

So why is your beloved PS4 selling with two games for £149 in the UK, completely undercutting any XB1 deal? Just pure trolling as always. Do I need to add a childish 'lol' as well to make it relevant?

DJustinUNCHAIND682d ago Microsoft will be doing deals to clear out inventory of their old SKU's.

Now, go eat your vegetables and finish your homework, child.