6 things the PS4 can do that the Xbox One can't

With the battle between Microsoft and Sony entering a new phase thanks to the release of PS4 Slim, PS4 Pro and Xbox One S, Express Online has decided to look at the big differences between the Xbox One and PS4, starting with Sony's gaming device.

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The Most important difference is Sony's first party games

PistolsAtDawn414d ago

They used to be top notch, now most of them are missing the mark.

Lime123414d ago

Everybody knows that Microsoft, without a doubt, has the worst first-party studios of the big three.

LandCruiser414d ago


Gears, forza and halo, that's all MS studios know. MS doesn't even the meaning of the word innovation. Ah well, maybe MS is content because the fanbase is so dumb and gullible. Lol

dRanzer414d ago

Like QB and Recore..
oh wait

bouzebbal412d ago

PS4 does Dragon Quest
Japanese games
1st party exclusives awesomeness
Superior 3rd party titles

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The story is too old to be commented.