Titanfall 2 Producer Posts Picture of PS4 Disc

Some drama occurred on Twitter today when a Producer on Titanfall 2 posted something that made quite a few Xbox fans angry. Drew McCoy posted the following picture on Twitter showing the PS4 disc of Titanfall 2. He then replied to a tweet from a fan who said he prefers the Xbox One disc better. Drew McCoy then said “Green discs aren’t sexy”.

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Rimeskeem355d ago

Get pissed at a game that is going to another console now but doesn't get pissed when all the other "exclusives" are PC compatible.

Death355d ago

I'm really having a hard time understanding why I should be upset that I can play the digital games I buy on my Xbox on my gaming pc too. Tell me again why this is bad?

S2Killinit354d ago (Edited 354d ago )

Well, let me help you with that:

Because you can also buy it on PC and never buy a console again? Because it takes focus away from polishing the console version if the PC version sells more units? Because it can lead to the demise of console gaming. Should i keep going or you get the picture?

franwex354d ago (Edited 354d ago )

Because you're suppose to hate everything Microsoft is doing, even if it's kinda cool.

SoulMikeY354d ago

If you're not pissed about the ps4 version of Titanfall 2, then his statement didn't apply to you. Not everything is about you, didn't someone teach you that?

Kingthrash360354d ago (Edited 354d ago )

It's crazy how anti-console MS is, yet people still trust them...
Lol, to the point of it being hypocritical.
At the end of the day rimeskin is 100% right. Why get mad just because more gamers can play titanfall 2? It was ok for qb but not tf2? .....ok what about minecraft then????? Nothing?
It's crazy that on one hand you care about exclusives then the next it's it dosent matter.....
Like last year it was xbox has the most exclusives this holiday the same "ecosystem" lol its just sad to "I see no difference between 720p and 1080p or 900p and 4k native is true and 4k upscale isnt....
Please remember MS are the same guys who tried to kill console gaming and showed just how anti consumer they are with the whole drm situation.
Taking away exclusives without batting a eye is just the beginning. They are on something with the scorpio already.
They been sketchy about it since e3...
Smh but hey....whatever man. Just ignore the whole "end of generations" and "premium priced" and "4k 60" to "just 1st party 4k" to "up to the devs to work for it" it's like the scorpio has become less powerful and more cheap since E3. Lord. The goggles are real.

tontontam0354d ago

Because a lot of ps4 users also have a capable gaming pc they can also play those " so called XBOX exclusive games" without wasting cash on buying an xbox one console. While xbox fans considers buying a ps4 a waste of money.

It's a win win for microsoft but sucks for those die hard xbox one fanboys who can't play ps4 exclusives

Huguinho354d ago

@S2Killinit "it can lead the demise of console gaming...", what a ridiculous statement, i guess all the ppl agreeing with you are just paranoids who have constant nightmares of an apocalyptic "no-console future". Since the first days of what we know as videogames, dedicated hardware (like consoles) and open plattforms (like PCs, commodores!) has coexisted and neither one or another has dissapeared since then, and they´ll continue as long as there are GAMES on them that ppl will want, and buy them to play (or pirate), because that´s what is supossed to be the main attraction of this hobby, the GAMES, what does it matter where you choose to play it? arent ppl going to buy more ps3s now that ps now is available via streaming on pc? thing is still selling, do you really think that micro is making a bad decision putting all their games on xbox and pc? ppl still are buying the dmn console! and they do it because there will be always who preffer to play their games on a dedicated plattform and/or finds the PC too complex (and you WONT convince to build one, ever). The day that consoles will cease to exist, will be when there are no more games to play on them (or nothing worthy of spend money), not because of microsoft which you obviously hate so much, and what the heck do you mean by not polishing the console version? it´s the fking PC version the lousy one, always!

starchild354d ago


I think it's stupid to get angry about more people getting to play a game. But the other part of your comment is equally stupid. Let's be honest, the vast majority of console gamers don't really care about games being on PC because that's not where they play.

Kryptix354d ago (Edited 354d ago )

I believe Microsoft knows themselves that PC gaming deserves more attention than Xbox with something like this happening:

" was revealed that Square Enix's Rise of the Tomb Raider sold nearly three times more copies on PC in its first month than the Xbox One version over the same period of time in November."

S2Killinit's comment wouldn't be far off, but I need to see it more in action though. All I know is that the 360 is my last Xbox console where I actually put countless hours in Halo 3, Reach, 4 and Gears 2 & 3's multiplayer. PC has the Xbox stuff plus more & so many people see that.


About the contents in the article? I'm not surprised. I remember it's the same exact fanbase that actually raged when Quantum Break was coming to PC.

Then we see them calm down & tout that Microsoft is doing excellent placing all exclusives on PC, like alright, it has crossplay, not bothersome anymore...wait I wasn't bothered that these games are coming to PC gamers, but PS4? HULK! SMASH!

Like ok, you've been calm to losing exclusivity to one platform, but why not with the other? I mean, you have to get used to it, especially with those timed exclusives that literally end up on PS4 a year later, making them not true exclusives from the start, but you're ok with that, too? Funny.

babadivad354d ago


Knows not does he??

nix354d ago


"More people can play it now." logic goes out when games come out on PS4.

Mr Pumblechook354d ago

This picture is going to sting for for so many people!

354d ago
LexHazard79354d ago (Edited 354d ago )


how did this turn into a shit on MS article.... just because this has nothing to do with Xbox and more to do with some fanboys.

Yet here you guys are with this nonsense.

Im sure you're blinded by sonys blue light

Death354d ago

So I should never buy another Playstation consoles since I can simply wait and stream the games to my PC via PSNow? The best Playstation exclusives are available including Uncharted, The Last of Us, Killzone, and Infamous. Keep in mind there are currently only a few games on Xbox that you can play on PC and over 400 Playstation games you can stream. The issue you guys now have is how long exclusives are timed for on the Playstation. There are something like 3 Xbox games available on PC and you keep hammering in that Microsoft has no exclusives since they are ALL on PC yet you ignore the fact there are over 400 available on PC and say none count since they are 3 years old old or older.

The argument is as silly as the one where you claim Microsoft was all about TVTVTV at the time Sony was finding a way to replace your cable TV subscription with PSVue.

I think you guys are simply upset that Microsoft found a way to take the "power" advantage away by allowing new Xbox games to be played on more powerful PC's. Combined with the upcoming release of Scorpio you are just bitter. I'm ok with Microsoft releasing Microsoft Xbox games on Microsoft Windows 10 PC's. I can play digital games I buy on both my Xbox and PC with and against other PC gamers and seamlessly pick up where I left off on either platform. If that means Playstation gamers can play Xbox games on their ultra powerful gaming rigs, that just means they are also Xbox gamers. Where is the downside again?

moldybread354d ago

"Because a lot of ps4 users also have a capable gaming pc they can also play those " so called XBOX exclusive games" without wasting cash on buying an xbox one console."

then do it instead of talking about it. prove to everyone you will buy those xbox games on the pc and be happy that you can play those games without needing to buy an xbox.

"While xbox fans considers buying a ps4 a waste of money."

who says this? so stop generalizing. we all know the majhority of ps4 owners prefer console gaming, which is why the xboix is still relevant even though you can also buy most of their games on the pc.

"It's a win win for microsoft but sucks for those die hard xbox one fanboys who can't play ps4 exclusives"

anyone can play ps4 exclusives, all they need to do is go down to the store and buy the console. you think youy are part of some elite club? if ps4 owners want to play xbox games they have two cjoices, upgrade their pc's or buy an xbox, either way is also going to cost you money as well.

leoms354d ago

I don't think he was talking about you...

Criti-Choco354d ago

@Death except you cant play PS4 games on PS NOW, those are still exclusively played on the console itself.

Death354d ago


Yes, they are timed exclusive. At the same time, what Xbox games are also on PC? It's a very small list that Will hopefully grow, but it's not there yet. I understand Sony releasing their back catalog of exclusives on PC. I'm not sure why Playstation fans throw rocks in a glass house. There are many more Playstation exclusives on PC than Xbox. The odd thing is Microsoft has always been a part of PC. It's easier to understand Microsoft Xbox games on Microsoft Windows 10 PC then it is Playstation games on Windows PC. Strange how Playstation fans don't see that but see every Xbox game on PC.

rainslacker354d ago (Edited 354d ago )

I'm personally having a hard time saying if I should even bother to play them on PC or the console itself, so the overall distinction about exclusive and Play Anywhere is rather moot to me.

Although, Play Anywhere is a good feature for those that can and want to utilize it. Can't find any reason to actually downplay it. Wish Cross buy was supported more back on PS3/PS4/Vita, because I felt it was a great feature there as well....and was nice being able to play two versions of the game no matter where I was.

More on topic, don't see why people would be upset over just posting the PS4 disc. The Xbox disc will look the same, with a Xbox green banner on the bottom. No biggie....although the PS Blue does go with the disc art better than I imagine the Xbox green will....but who cares, you can't see the disc while playing.

I do agree though that green isn't that sexy....although depending on the disc art, it can look better. Personally, I liked the black of the PS1 and PS2 discs, because Black is always a timeless, sexy color, goes with anything, and is very slimming.

All that being said, the TF marketing seems to be trying way too hard to kiss the PS user bases asses over TF2. Not worth burning the good will of the XBox base, just to try and pander to another user base for the minimal additional sales you might bring in through stroking some people's ego. If the game is good, fans of both systems will buy into it.

MVGeneral350d ago

Yeah, you can also use the same controller on pc. So people who bought the Xboxone feels like they got shafted.

I still hate the fact they decided to call it the Xbox 1. Not Xbox 3. Like it sucks for continuity. Even Nintendo needs to start numbering their consoles.

Death350d ago

They could have called it the XboxStation. Kind of like the PS4 "Pro". ;)

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Aloy-Boyfriend354d ago (Edited 354d ago )

The guy asked for a copy (preferably on xbox), not which one is sexier. At least the guy didn't respond negatively and probably took it as a joke, but poor tweet response nonetheless.

Other than that, the other tweets are just embarrassing.

TGGJustin354d ago (Edited 354d ago )

When the producer said "green copy" he wasn't talking about Xbox. He was talking about what a blank disc with no cover art is called.

Aloy-Boyfriend354d ago

Gotcha Justin! I saw the whole thing on twitter now. Even after he made that clear they are still acting like assholes.

Benchm4rk354d ago


Do you seriously believe that?

His tweet "Green discs arnt as Sexy" was a direct reply to someone who tweeted that they wanted a copy "Preferably on Xbox". He was not referring to a "Green Copy". He got backlash from butthurt fanboys and began Damage Control trying to save face.


Agreed I play horizon 3 on my XB1 and PC how dare I

Kingthrash360354d ago (Edited 354d ago )

How powerful is your pc? If it's not 6tf will you buy an upgrade if the scorpio costs more than it is to upgrade your pc?


Lol just running a 970 on PC, I'm buying PS4 pro and probably Scorpio if forza is better on Scorpio. I mainly only play forza and halo on XB1.

Loktai354d ago

King.... an 8 year old PC with a 200 dollar video card is over 6tf .

I have a workstation that old with a couple quads in it... that's 3tf+ before adding a video card. The new budget cards are more than enough to turn a PC like that into a machine that laughs at 6tf. The real benefit of Scorpio will still be ease of console, compact design to fit under the TV, and so on. It's not that powerful now let alone a year+ from now. A person with even a reasonable PC will be able to buy a video card for half the price of Scorpio at that time that beats it into the ground. . so the real benefit of the Scorpio is for those who don't want to game on PC, or want it's exclusivea if it has any.

ShadowKnight354d ago (Edited 354d ago )

Thats ridiculous.

Thatguy-310354d ago (Edited 354d ago )

The guy that cancelled his pre-order haha haha the conversation just seems so childish. "I'm canceling the pre-order because the dev is marketing the ps4 version on twitter" Hahaha do they not pay attention to what they say??? CHILDISH

354d ago
Deadpooled354d ago (Edited 354d ago )

Accidentally clicked disagree sorry. Yes it is shocking how fanboys can cancel preorders so quickly after seeing something so subjective from a developer like this. Hopefully the developers don't take these "gamers" seriously, or it might end up with when trying to show previews etc having to show every version to accommodate every fanboy base despite the game being the same on every version (like for example Star Wars the Force Awakens where they had every race from white to black to hispanic to asian etc just to appease PC)

rainslacker354d ago

Well, I counter that cancel with me cancelling my own TF2 pre-order, because TF1 was marketed more on the X1 back when it released.

I feel that's appropriate....not to mention stupid enough because my game playing habits and purchasing decisions are based on my fragile need for console preference validation.

So there!!!!

/obvious sarcasm should be obvious.

81BX354d ago

Try reading the article again. It has nothing to do with it going to another console.

UCForce354d ago

The people got triggered by it and comments way worse than the producer tweeted.

miyamoto354d ago (Edited 354d ago )

The emergance of that blue disc reveals many Xboxers true color: green with envy and jealousy.

Mr Pumblechook354d ago (Edited 354d ago )


Tzuno354d ago (Edited 354d ago )

PC is the future, consoles are meant to disappear at some point. Why the hell should i limit myself with a console when on PC you can do far more, heh even your dear console games are developed on PC's.

miyamoto354d ago

That seems to be the true intention of Microsanto: eugenics of the console gaming industry since they can't beat PlayStation might as well destroy everything.

Ravenor354d ago

Energy/Space concerns, uniformity of controls and ease of use. Why should YOU limit yourself to a console? That's a decision for yourself, what do you want out of a machine?

For a lot of people they just want to turn on a machine and go. That doesn't disparage either side and it doesn't mean one is better than the other. Different use cases for different people.

FITgamer354d ago

Xbox fanboys are sensitive. No other fanbase complains as much as much as they do over petty shit. It's honestly beyond me how someone can take something like that personal.

354d ago
FITgamer354d ago

@projectscorpio Took the bait, point proven.

354d ago
Saijahn354d ago

that's not what got someone mad... as silly as it is it was the fact he showed a ps4 disc and not a xbox one disc. and then he said green isn't as's right there in plain language and in tweets and you still chose your own spin...gotta be n4g

rainslacker354d ago

Yeah, but why get mad over it? It's stupid. Granted, the reply when asked for a pic of the Xbox one was kind of immature, although I think he just meant it to be a joke.

Unfortunately, when on the internet, when telling a joke, some people won't take it as one, and then we get hate campaigns, or silly article like this making a mountain out of a molehill.

Germany7354d ago (Edited 354d ago )

I can't believe that i'm going to say that, but Rimeskeem is completely right. O.o

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TheColbertinator355d ago

I try to understand why Sony and Microsoft fanboys get so childish and petty but then I realize most of them are in a "console war" mentality that's prevalent among teens.

One of those MS fanboys thought devs at Respawn are only supposed to discuss Titanfall 2 on Xbox. Complained then cancelled his pre-order. Then said he is getting BF1 instead and that stated Titanfall 2 sucks. So much for "loyal" fanbase.

TGGJustin355d ago (Edited 355d ago )

Yeah cancelling your preorder and things like that are childish acts over things like this.

354d ago
game4funz354d ago (Edited 354d ago )

That's just the fanboys. They're in both camps and it's always embarrassing to watch and they honestly give a bad name to the mature fans of either console. It's sad really.

The whole console war crap really is toxic. I didn't discover it till recently when I started heading over to comment sections abiut a year or 2 ago.

Truly sad to see it in gaming.

jmac53354d ago

Well the good thing is that the "console wars" are contained to forums and comment sections. Could you imagine how embarrassing it would be if people fought over which console is better in person

game4funz354d ago (Edited 354d ago )

That would be... Interesting. I wonder who'd win hahhaha

But yea. Good thing it's contained. I'll be leaving n4g soon cuz I really can't stand the toxic environment here. Hopefully there's a more neutral environment somewhere else for fellow gamers.

That would be awesome. A place for fanboys to vent. Lol

Very true... But it wasn't as visible and apparent as it is today with the Internet.

Way to crush my hopes and dreams lol
I've been restricted before for very stupid and mind-boggling things. Same here. I owned and own all consoles and pc. I'm convinced the fanboy term was created by fanboys I honestly had never used the term till it was used against me... So sad.

Aenea354d ago

Hmmmm, they should make a game out of it! Call it "The Console Wars", we gotta have cross-play then however between PS4 and X1, gonna be epic! :)

PSN_ZeroOnyx354d ago

Console wars have been going since the Atari days

LexHazard79354d ago (Edited 354d ago )


If you do find a nice non toxic site, please let me know. I got banned for sometime here, and during that time I tried and found that all sites are like this one. You cant get away from the fanboy rhetoric. Even on dedicated platform sites theres fanboy shit happening.

And even if you feel like you're not a fanboy and just love gaming. People here always manage to bring the inner beast outta you.

Im an Xbox gamer that also loves gaming on Playstation consoles, Lol....
How is that possible?

vallencer354d ago


Go work in a Gamestop for at least a year. Fanboy wars are very real in person and it's more embarrassing in person than online. Not to mention really annoying.

rainslacker354d ago

I've witnessed, and even participated in face to face console wars all the way back to the Atari days. It's nothing new.

Face to face interactions tend to be more civil....unless you get one of those raging geeks who takes things way too can often recognize them because they're way too invested into Star Wars and Star Trek, and talk rather assertively and knowledgeably about topics most people really only have a glancing interest in, or none at all.


I've searched, and as far as I can tell, they no longer exist. Since moderation of internet forums is now considered taboo, or likened to censorship, no site can get away with having productive and interesting discourse across the board.

There was a time when good forums existed, and they had their share of trolls as well, but moderation kept them in check. The advent of the WWW, ad based web pages, and social media pretty much made everything suck though.

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SoulMikeY354d ago

Lol right? This dude is hopefully 13. If he's an adult, then he needs a whole bottle of tylenol.

ABizzel1354d ago


The sad thing is, a large portion of these ignorant fanboys are grown adults. It's perfectly fine to have a preference, but when you bash or flat out discredit an opposing console / service / whatever, then it's nothing but hate / fanboyism.

I literally laughed at this stupid grown @$$ fool on XBL, literally pissed off because my uncle and I were discussing backwards compatibility in the party when they revealed it at E3.

I said it was nice feature, but it wasn't going to be a the push they need, because we're already 2+ years into the XBO, and all I want is my Left 4 Dead 2, which wasn't coming at launch.

My uncle agree, but was a tad more excited for it.

This ignorant fool, got on the mic and started cussing and calling us ungrateful, and told us stop b!tching and be grateful we got anything.

Rightfully so we served his ignorant self.

Moral of the story there are just stupid people in the world regardless of what hobbies you share and enjoy.

TheColbertinator354d ago

True enough. Good responses all over and I'm content.

Enough with the clowns,its time to game.

rainslacker354d ago

I think some people just take things way too personally. Way too much investment in their console preference.

Only time people should take things personally, is if the comment is actually directed at them personally.

its_JEFF354d ago

Shhh... don't tell him that BF1 is also coming to PS4.

NotAFanboyyy354d ago

I also saw a lot of these same fanboys cancel their Titanfall 2 pre-orders because it wasn't available via EA Access yet. EA doesn't own respawn so they can choose when to put the game in the vault. Can't believe some gamers act like this and these are grown men with families to boot.

rainslacker354d ago (Edited 354d ago )

It does call into question their judgement when they say it sucks, and then promptly say that they already had it pre-ordered as if they are showing some sort of amazing consumer restraint on their part..

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Majin-vegeta355d ago

Misinformed 12 year olds confirmed 😂

LandCruiser354d ago (Edited 354d ago )

That's majortiy of fanat-x for you. You should someday see the rubbish podcasts these aholes do on youtube. So many lies and misinformation is spread, you'll laugh I can guarantee you that. Lol

rainslacker354d ago

I've come across those, usually through someone linking one on some forum.

What's sad is the comments sections are all just the subscribers going around saying how right the guy is, all while they pat themselves on the back for some perceived wisdom of making the right choice in console preference.

On the plus side, you don't see a lot of the counter side in those comment sections, outside the random one who is just a troll or comes across it at some point like I do, so it's a nice safe space for all those fans to congregate and remain ignorant.

That being said, those kinds of YT videos exist for all consoles, as well as PC.

miyamoto354d ago (Edited 354d ago )

I thought Nintendo are the only grow ass man-children fanbase. Xboxers are even worse esp that villainous Red Dragon