LittleBigPlanet - Sackboy Is An Animal: National Geographic Edition

GameXtract writes "It's official! Sackboy is an animal! I knew it, and I'm not the one bit surprised. From day one I knew this cute, and cuddly friend was no push toy. He's a full out animal in the jungle! He knows out to survive in the wild, and how to deal with both it's victims and its prey. I knew Sackboy had its inner manly hood in their somewhere, and its good to see that he's not always an imitation of one of those reality shows where the girls have all the money in the world, and they spend their peak hours along the happy go lucky coast of California. Watch the National Geographic episode after the jump!"

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Fishy Fingers3718d ago

Football LBP, what a great idea for a mini-game. How much slapping!? Ref!! (another idea for a sackboy outfit :))

remanutd553718d ago

sackboy is about to become an icon this generation

peedie163718d ago

this game is gonna ROCK

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