Sale on Sony-published PS4 games includes Bloodborne, Uncharted 4 and more

A few Sony-published games on the PlayStation 4 have been discounted with Bloodborne dropping to $13.08, The Last of Us Remastered to $9.99 and Uncharted 4 to $40.01.

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Frinker509d ago

Can't wait for these games to come to PSNOW on PC

DarXyde509d ago

If you can't wait, then buy a PS4.

508d ago
S2Killinit509d ago

they aren't coming until next gen arrives. I would say buy a PS4 stat

Rimeskeem509d ago

So you can give money to Sony via a subscription instead?

sullynathan509d ago (Edited 509d ago )

Do you need a PS4 to use PS Now on PC?

FITgamer509d ago

You'll only have to wait 4-5 years.

UCForce509d ago (Edited 509d ago )

You are not fooling anyone. By the way, PS Now is server, not a freaking digital store. See what happened, people disagree with you not by fanboy, it your attitude that people hate.

Edit : I'm trying to help you, but you are completely ridiculous with your attitude. You get disagree from left and right. There is no turning back, Frinker. You going to accept what is coming to you.

Frinker509d ago

Twoforce, please stop hurting my feelings

Trigem509d ago

Sorry buddy, PS Now doesn't support PS4 games yet...wait another generation. :)

Ristul509d ago

Don't tell him that, let him subscribe and then find out ;)

SniperControl509d ago

Yeah, your gonna be waiting a while.........

Liqu1d509d ago

Well you're going to have to wait a very long time. So much for PC master race, waiting years so you can stream a PS4 game at PS4 settings. Enjoy the wait.

cyber_daemonx509d ago

Gonna be a loooooooooong wait looooool.

Livecustoms509d ago

You can only play Ps3 games with PsNow... So yer you can play the Ps3 version of TLOU but not the others...

Lordani66509d ago

BUAHAHAHAHHA xD PCMR losers in action right there. Beg for those PS4 glorious exclusives, pleb. PSNow only gets old PS3 games.

Nathan_Hale53508d ago

So much hate for a statement. Why?

Frinker508d ago

I know. I'm getting picked on for being excited

rainslacker508d ago

Makes sense, pay more later for a rental instead of just getting them while they're cheap now and not have to wait.

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sullynathan509d ago

Wish it was a sale on the PS store. Sony gave me $10 so I want to spend it on something good.

TorpeAlex509d ago

Shoot, I need to finish Uncharted 4 soon so I can still sell it for a decent price.

509d ago
IxWoodstockxI509d ago

Since when is N4G been PS Fanboy central? IDGAF I own all the consoles, but some of these comments and articles are fucking fanboys bullshit.

LoveSpuds509d ago (Edited 509d ago )

Since when was being enthused by games an indication of being a fanboy?

Its an article about Sony exclusives, what do you expect to see here other than fans of games like Uncharted 4 or Bloodborne?

Aloy-Boyfriend509d ago

Why does it bother you? It's a news site, and this is pretty good game sale news. Now F off if you don't like it

daynnight365508d ago

Just noticing, huh?
I'm a self proclaimed sonypony and I feel the same way as u skimming thru the comments here. They'll defend sony til their last dying breath, and it's nauseating at times.
For the record I love sony always have always will, but they ain't perfect

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The story is too old to be commented.