The State of VR: How the HTC Vive is winning the virtual reality war

The PlayStation VR is joining a very heated race, and it's one that the HTC Vive is winning.

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ArchangelMike654d ago

Don't underestimate Sony and PSVR. They have the marketing muscle, the 40 million+ install base, the exclusive games line-up, and most importantly, the cheaper price point. I agree that the next 12 months will be crucial for all the VR platforms, but I suspect that Sony will take an early lead.

Erik7357653d ago (Edited 653d ago )

*exclusive game line up that you can't name a single good game for
*and most importantly, worse technology and of course it's cheaper

What means winning a VR for you? Sales and popularity? Then yea I would say Sony but if your for quality to me it's not even really a question. But I don't like VR in the first place so I''m not really enthralled to get it on pc or ps4.

I find it funny that the only people excited and talking about VR really are console gamers who have had no experience with it, its really a novelty for gaming in my opinion IN ITS CURRENT STATE.

Rimeskeem653d ago

The fact you can buy a slim and a PSVR for less than an HTC vive is astonishing

GrubsterBeater653d ago

You are making assumptions. Just because someone primarily games on consoles, does not mean they don't have experience with VR.

I primarily game on console, but I have experience with VR. I'm sure that I'm not the only one...

Aenea653d ago

Battlezone, Rigs, Eve Valkyrie.... Good games in my book!

And please, stop with the quality, we get it, you don't VR at all plus you're an Xbox fan anyways so of course PSVR won't be up to snuff in your eyes.

The resolution is only a bit smaller which is compensated by more subpixels. Resolution is the only thing you can say is 'better quality' about the Rift/Vive, some other things are surely better quality on PSVR, cheaper, more comfortable and it does both 90hz and 120hz. I have no idea what else you could possibly think off to say that PSVR is 'worse technology' than Rift/Vive. It's silly...

And if you don't even like VR as you keep saying why the heck are you replying in articles about PSVR?

653d ago
TKCMuzzer653d ago

It seems the fact that YOU don't like VR is sole reason it will fail. Its an interesting point of view. If people did not get excited for things there would be no progress. I imagine you don't have a VR headset, so by the same token you say its the people who don't have one who are excited, you don't have one and are playing it all down. In your way of thinking that's just as bad, assumptions without experience.

ArchangelMike653d ago

I know it won't be possible to have a rational conversation with you about PSVR because you're an xbox fanboy, and have a bias against Sony. So you would naturally disparage anything to do with PSVR because inherently it would arouse jealousy in you as it is a gaming option that is not open to your preferred system of choice.

But just so you know, I have tried both Occulus Rift and PSVR, and like you said "the only people excited and talking about VR really are the console gamers...." I am a console gamer, and I have tried VR and you are right that I am excited by it. The fact that you point out that it is the console gamers that are excited for VR, as opposed to PC gamers - tells me that the console VR market will do better than the PC VR market. In other words, Sony will sell more VR units that Occulus or Vive.

Zoombael653d ago

Driveclub VR, Rigs, Rez Infinite, Farpoint. All of them exclusive, all of them received well.

"Worse technology" that can hold its own and proof to console hardware never is about raw power. See Driveclub VR.

MMOBytes653d ago

We demo'd the PSVR, and Oculus Rift last weekend at bestbuy. If the HTC Vive is anything like the Rift then no thanks. PSVR far superior, in comfort, and functional visuals.

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S2Killinit653d ago

I've read that PSVR is lighter than the others meaning it won't put as much strain on your neck as the others and that PSVR doesn't heat up or fog up after long use. Furthermore, it is more comfortable. You gotta give it to Sony, they make good hardware.

Rhythmattic653d ago (Edited 653d ago )

Yes, and its the only 120hz screen on consumer VR (Vive/Rift 90Hz) , and also does not use a LCD pentile display but an oLED Subpixel screen.
Besides also the fact the Sony actually makes cameras from personal to broadcast, they're pretty ahead in the optiics dept.....

DigitallyAfflicted653d ago

It's not a competition. PC and Console VRs need to be successful if we want to see improvement in this still new technology, and in case you wonder which one is better? it's simple if you own PC it oculus or htc if you can afford it. if you own ps4 then go for PSVR. Why to make another useless argument out of it.

Rhythmattic653d ago (Edited 653d ago )

Pointing out facts is not an argument.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen653d ago

The article is ridiculous. less than 1% of PC gamer has a rig capable of running Vive VR. This assertion is nonsense.

addictgamer653d ago (Edited 653d ago )

Your "statistic" is ridiculous, if you look at the steam hardware survey, about 11% of Steam users have a R9 290/GTX 970 or better. In fact, 2.27% of steam users bought a 1060, 1070 or 1080 over the summer and those number are just growing. Considering Steamspy has the number of steam users pegged at 185 Million, that's a lot of potential market.

I do have to wonder, how likely is someone to buy the VR headset, camera and motion controllers for $500 when they only spent $300-$400 on their console? It's a little different proposition than $800 is to someone that spent $1500 or more on their PC (speaking specifically about the people that have a pc capable of running VR) especially since it is a premium experience as well.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen653d ago (Edited 653d ago )


So I was off by 1.27%. Sue me.


Bladesfist653d ago

You're not very good at math, you were off by 10% or 18 million gamers.

Pekka653d ago

Those Steam surveys are pure crap. Most PC gamers aren't even Steam users. Perhaps 20% (at best) have ever used Steam in their life. Those who don't use Steam are less likely to have good rig. Second, internet surveys generally are always wrong. Remember, those who are active Steam users are more likely to answer this survey. Passive users won't answer it because they are less likely to even notice survey even exists. And also those who have better rig are also more likely to answer survey. Remember, these surveys are completely optional and you can bypass them with one click, which most users do.

So, you get the answer that 11% of the ACTIVE Steam users have rig capable of running VR. And even that result is very unreliable. In real life, those surveys are completely useless and tell absolutely nothing.

Pekka653d ago

@addictgamer: Wouldn't using only $300-$400 on their console actually make them more likely to buy VR sets etc, because they have more money after buying console. With your logic, PC games should cost a lot more than consoles games. In reality, console games cost a lot more and still console gamers usually buy more games. So, why PC gamers buy less games with cheaper price, although they are prepared to use more money on their rig?

Just think about it, it isn't about price of the rig, it is about the total price. Console gamers are more interested about games, not hardware. They still may have just as much money or more.

addictgamer652d ago

Actually, you were off by over 1100%.

Many titles link in to steam for the purpose of rights management. If you are a PC gamer, you most likely have several titles that register on steam and if you are an enthusiast, you definitely use steam. Your 20% "statistic" is purely made up, a piece of fiction made up in your own head. Besides, if the hardware survey is indeed wrong as you imply, who says it is less than that? Just as likely to be underestimating the number imo. Got any proof that the casual users are less likely to participate in the survey than enthusiasts other than what you are telling yourself?

As far as the cost factor goes, up front affordability is a MAJOR talking point in any discussion about the merits of consoles and PCs. Although it's true, psvr could outsell the pc counterparts, I only argue that it definitely has cost working against it.

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Xristo653d ago (Edited 653d ago )

I don't even own a PS4, however i totally agree. If there's one thing (some would argue even more things) that the consoles do that's damn better than anything the PC ever does, it's marketing. Taco Bell has been already advertising the PSVR... and only time will show how much more commercials/adds you will see. Knowing Sony, expect a lot more.

Mystogan653d ago (Edited 653d ago )

I don't think anyone doubts that the psvr will take the early lead. But I think anything can happen. and I think the one(s) that's going to dominate VR and AR is going to be Microsoft and it's OEMs.
Look at Windows Holographic platform.
"With this group of partners, and especially if it keeps growing, Microsoft could be able to quickly capture a large share of the burgeoning VR and AR market "

If all of these partners are going to push VR devices(which seems to be the case) including heavyweights like ASUS,HTC,DELL,ACER, LENOVO and HP. They are going to be the ones that are going to make it mainstream running Windows Holographic.
Because if VR is going to be mainstream it needs to be more than just a gaming peripheral.
And right now all the VR headsets(PSVR,Rift,Vive) are just gaming peripherals.

Also knowing these OEMs. Most of these VR/AR or MR headsets are going to be very affordable.

This is all launching in 2017. I think by early 2018. Microsoft and its OEMs already dominate the majority of the market. Of course it depends on how early in 2017 they launch their headsets.

Bottomline: Microsoft secretly positioned itself to dominate this market and ya'll thought they weren't interested in this market.

Also it wouldn't be farfetched to say that some of these Windows Holographic based headsets will work with the Scorpio. And maybe even the Xbox One.

Kiwi66653d ago (Edited 653d ago )

Yet not all of those 40 + million will buy it as it will only be a percentage who do so there should still be a good number who do

Master of Unlocking651d ago (Edited 651d ago )

True. I actually don't even understand how Sony manages to come up with a product that costs only ⅓ of the price the two others retail for, although the price entry is that of a new-gen system, it's almost mind-bogglingly cheap for this kind of hardware! They must be selling it at a loss, and what a loss it must be. At the end of the day this will be the deciding factor of whether consumers adopt Virtual Reality or not. Along with how people feel when using it of course. Last night I watched Battlezone, and it was just a video on youtube, no helmet or anything, and I felt sick for a little while. Then I just drank water and felt better, and today I watched some more footage of that game and didn't experience anything bad, and watching vids of the other VR games I felt perfectly fine also, but if people interested in VR try that game or Rez infinite or w/e it's called first, then I have the feeling VR is going to get some bad press as being a "vomit-o-tron" or "epic-lepsic" or "headaches-over-heels " or w/e word some people will coin. They really need to work on not having movement in game that feels too unnatural (unnatural as in: a movement on the screen that was not guided by you turning your head), and also not having games that are assaults on the senses like the two aforementioned games, or else...
Other than that, it could-and should-do fine I think. Can't believe we're there already. How far has technology come, it's insane.

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Neonridr654d ago

"HTC's Vive virtual reality headset is fast becoming the go-to hardware of choice for anyone who wants to go beyond Google Cardboard and experience the full potential of VR"

amazing how that statement is about to go the way of the dodo once Oculus Touch comes along. Sure, you can get the complete package with the Vive now.. but we are a week away from finding out the exact release date of the Touch controllers.. I have a feeling it is much sooner than we think.

Anyways, nobody is "winning" the race. All 3 are going to help usher VR into the mainstream. If one fails, it probably means they will all fail. They actually want each other to succeed in order to prove that it's not just a fad.

S2Killinit653d ago (Edited 653d ago )

I agree, they are in this together. Even as to the two that are directly competing, the success of one helps the other, as the market is big enough for both of them.

Zoombael653d ago

"If one fails, it probably means they will all fail. "

Nonsense. It means the product wasn't good enough.

XXanderXX653d ago

Cool congrats to HTC Vive

TKCMuzzer653d ago

mmm, it's like running the 100 metres on your own and being surprised you won. You can only be leading if there is competition to run against.

C-H-E-F653d ago

It's easy to win a "war" you're the only one fighting.... Devs are boycotting the oculus and Sony and Microsoft isn't even out yet.

_LarZen_653d ago

I have a HTC Vive and if that is "winning" then it's just sad. It's incredible cumbersome to use and I often just dont bother. I'm hoping the ease of use and the games are better on PSVR.

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