Sonic Boom Can Finally Die

The Sonic Boom games have all been bad. Some gave Fire & Ice a shot, hoping for a revival, but things haven't changed.

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PhoenixUp777d ago (Edited 777d ago )

I hope Sega stops producing Sonic Boom games. The TV show is great though

-Foxtrot775d ago

The TV series is just as bad

You want something to die for got to get rid of everything.

XisThatKid775d ago

I'm into some pretty dumb shows but Sonic Boom is certain garage. There way to comedic relationship with Robotnik and Sonic friends is a deal breaker for me off the jump despite everything else wrong with this abomination.

SegaGamer775d ago

The show is awful too. Everything surrounding Sonic Boom is just not what Sonic is. The Cartoon, the games, the voice actors, the character designs, it's all terrible.

wonderfulmonkeyman775d ago

Knuckles should never have skipped leg day at the gym...

775d ago
quent775d ago

Kill It with acid, bleach and then fire