Rocket Sackboy

Woo! So our cousins at Sony US have kicked of LittleBigChallenge 003 and it is a bit cool: Design your own sackboy costume and see it made real in the game (well, virtually real anyway). Head on over to the site, download the template and get your fashion on!

By way of inspiration we thought you might like to see one of our own in-game experiments from Mm Towers.

This guy was put together by Costa. He started by mixing a few of the costume items (spot the samurai armour) and then added a handful of decorations (car parts in this case).

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peedie163745d ago

that sack boy is WICKED

SmokingMonkey3745d ago

does any one still believe this game is for kids?

because i don't think kids will be able to handle this game, the way it's supposed to handled