Microsoft's BlueTrack mice are here -- laser bids a tearful goodbye

Nilay Patel writes:

"The new tech will debut in two new mice: a revised wireless Microsoft Explorer Mouse and that Microsoft Explorer Mini Mouse that we'd already spotted. Both will be available at Best Buy in November for $99 and $79, respectively."

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solidsnakus3744d ago

this is nice and all but, is this even nessesary? the laser mouse works perfect and i dont see any reason why anyone would want to change over to that.

C_SoL3744d ago

no way.........

that's too fukin expensive.....

gaffyh3744d ago

yeah wtf $80? I can buy like 20 normal optical mice for that price...

xsteinbachx3744d ago

I don't care how it works as long as it has a cord. I'm not down with buying batteries when i have 20 USB slots.

MvmntInGrn3744d ago

I'm sorry but this isn't much better than laser, more surfaces are great but i can put my laptop somewhere else and save the $80. I will consider at $30.

Laser is going nowhere unless this drops price. I'm sure it will, but quick enough?

Rourker3744d ago

cool but dumb, as for right now anyway. and if you don't want a laser, get a mouse with an invisible laser, I have one. works perfect and no crazy red glow :P

Dogswithguns3744d ago

I have a Dynex mouse for years. and it works fine.

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The story is too old to be commented.