PlayStation VR Unboxing - IGN Video

PSVR is finally here! We unbox the standard 400 dollar edition and detail all that comes inside.

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DEEBO803d ago

Man I'm so ready for this,i haven't test anything vr(virgin eyes)and I'm ready for a new way to game.

Day one.
Eve,rigs,battlezone(right?),b atman and driveclub

Rimeskeem803d ago

I wish i had that sort of money. I'm going to buy the Pro first and maybe, down the line, the PSVR.

ArchangelMike803d ago

Dude, you should so 69 that thought! The Pro doesn't really offer anything new in terms of gameplay experiences, and if you don't have a 4K or HDR TV, then it's not really worth it yet. Heck even if you have a 4K or HDR TV, flat screen gaming is nothing compared to the immersion you get with VR. It gives you a whole new way to experience games like you never have before. If I were you, I'd first put my money down for the new and innovative PSVR gameplay experiences over prettier Pro graphics.

MVGeneral803d ago

All pre-orders are sold out everywhere, tried every outlet possible. Just don't have the time to wait in line on launch for this.

SniperControl803d ago


There are also improvements for full HD owners as well, improved textures, improved AA and improved framerate on certain games(TR has three options, i think one of them is [email protected]) pretty sure devs wont just abandon full HD owners in favour of 4K owners on future games.

I will be getting my Pro in Jan.

amiga-man803d ago

Soon the precious will be mine, not long now.

yeahright2803d ago

I'd suggest getting the psvr first. Pro won't offer that much new except prettier pictures, vr will offer a whole new experience.

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SniperControl803d ago (Edited 803d ago )

Cant wait, day one as well.

VR worlds
DriveClub VR

The one i really want is Star Trek: Bridge Crew thats out in Novenber though.

I spend most of my weekends racing in VR anyway on Project CARS, so i cant wait for DriveClub VR.

NXSwitch802d ago

Day one sickness for everyone, VR has failed.

Neonridr803d ago

you might want to temper your expectations day 1. As a VR user myself (Oculus Rift), take my advice. Ease yourself into it. Your body more than likely will take some time adjusting to VR. I wouldn't go nuts on the first day. And if you feel sick or dizzy at any point, take off the headset until you feel better.

SniperControl803d ago

Wise words Neo, wise words indeed.

When i first got my DK2, i would be green to the stomach, but got used to it after a few weeks. Your body will adapt, be sensible and take short breaks and as Neo sayes, if you feel sick or dizzy, take off the headset and chill for a bit.

Neonridr803d ago

@SniperControl - when I got my CV1 and played that game Adr1ft, I almost lost my lunch, lol. But like you said, you get used to it after a little while.

but you know there are going to be a lot of eager PSVR users who just want to dive in and experience everything. I mean if you have an iron stomach, then have at it. But it's definitely a good idea to take things slow. At least at the beginning.

rainslacker802d ago (Edited 802d ago )

Indeed. Been developing tools for OR and PSVR, and at first, it was a bit disorienting. Never felt quessy, but did get light headed the first few times....kind of like when you stand up too fast or something.

I'd recommend everyones first few games be one's where you're sitting down, and take it slow. Don't jump right into Rigs, but maybe pick up a slower paced game where you can control the movement at a slower pace.

The quesiness will come up quickly, maybe 3-4 minutes in if you're prone to it. At that point, pause the game, wait until you collected yourself, then go in for another few minutes.

I also found I got over this most when I just started up a game and sat there and the only movement of the camera was with the slight movements of one's head that come naturally. It's less disorienting, and gives time for the brain to adjust.

Once one becomes OK with it, should they have a problem at all, then go to town. But take breaks every 30 minutes or so, because eye strain can be annoying, particularly if you aren't used to such thing, or don't have artificial tears available to overcome it quickly. I personally wear contacts, so I always have rewetting drops....although I've found with PSVR I can actually take them out and see fine with my normal bad vision since the screens are so close.

NXSwitch802d ago

No continue to play & ignore the signs, VR was meant for you to eat, slp, & shit with it on. It is safe so no need to worry.

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Antnee534803d ago

My list will be battlezone, rigs, until dawn rush of blood, and possibly batman vr. I'm also going to be playing all my standard games in this headset "D

Erik7357803d ago

trust me, PC had VR for years before was quickly forgotten

FunAndGun803d ago

I don't care, pre-ordered one anyway!! Excites!!!

I will get my entertainment value from the PSVR regardless of what happens in the future. If everyone takes a wait and see approach that only guarantees less support. I am fine with being an early adopter until others feel more comfortable about their purchase.

amiga-man803d ago (Edited 803d ago )

Fries1223 2h ago
trust me, PC had VR for years before was quickly forgotten

Umm care to share a link to that Fries? until then you are talking out your hat, and why on earth would anyone trust you.

Aenea802d ago

'years' huh? Please enlighten us!

S2Killinit802d ago

god its EXCITING times. I've got mine preordered, paid for, and I'm READY.

BattleAxe802d ago

Man, I can't wait to put this big thing on my head! Covering my eyes with a screen and cutting myself off from reality is going to be so dope!

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Majin-vegeta803d ago

Man cant wait two weeks to go!

SniperControl803d ago (Edited 803d ago )

Judging by your disagree's(?????), people think you cant wait two weeks...


Lol, you guys crack me up, i bet once VR hits the scorpio, you guys that dissed PSVR as a gimmick, will be all over it like flies to a week old turd saying it's the best thing in the world......

DeadlyOreo803d ago

Majin Vegeta has always been quite an impatient one.

Erik7357803d ago

Or it's just from PC gamers who have had VR for years and know its a gimmicky thing like kinect for gaming but its whatever you wanna think snipercontrol

DJustinUNCHAIND803d ago

I don't think VR is a gimmick, I don't trust that Sony will support it well enough, and that's based on history.

PS Eye, Move, Vita.

S2Killinit802d ago (Edited 802d ago )

Oh Fries, you silly silly fanboy. Don't worry xbox will eventually get one too.

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DragonDDark803d ago

My friend doesn't have a Ps4 but he won a PSVR from Taco Bell so he decided to pre-order the PS4P. Gonna try it out with him :]

DeadlyOreo803d ago

Can you ask him if I can have it?

yeahright2803d ago

I think your friend should give it to deadlyoreo.

rainslacker802d ago

Man, only thing I ever win from Taco Bell is extended trips to the bathroom.

Sevir803d ago

Max Scoville is incredibly annoying!

But I can't wait to get mine

InMyOpinion803d ago

The other guy reminds me of Harambe. Ace Ventura & Harambe unboxing PSVR.

SCW1982803d ago

I can't stand him. He thinks everything he says has to be funny. He is the definition of try hard.

OB1Biker803d ago

PsVR sounds even better, more comfortable than I though. Contributors could have chosen better unboxing than these clowns though.

SniperControl802d ago

It's ign, biggest xbox fanboys on the net.

Sevir802d ago

@Sniper... no that would be Ryan McCraffery!

S2Killinit802d ago (Edited 802d ago )

its IGN, they are xbox shills. Notice they are negative advertising it. hate them with a passion, they do a disservice to gamers.

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