Look Out, 'Red Faction' - 'Fracture''s Ground-Altering Multiplayer Impresses (MTV Multiplayer)

Patrick Klepek writes:

"LucasArts' new shooter "Fracture" tries admirably to be different.

"Red Faction" and "Battlefield: Bad Company" have introduced ways for players to change the environment in battle, but not on the same level as "Fracture." The geometry can change every step you make.

I recently spent about an hour playing the multiplayer side of a near-finished "Fracture." As I'd never played "Fracture" before, my time was spent playing catch-up, but the dynamics of the ground play were immediately apparent."

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LinuxGuru3724d ago

I'm sorry, warping the ground does not compare to the totally real physics of the destruction in Red Faction.

I don't think warping the ground polygons can compare even one TINY bit to the beauty of the destruction and gravity / stress-based REAL-LIFE physics.

The developers of Red Faction said that one time they constructed a level with some buildings, and they made the level "live", which then caused the buildings to start bending, crumbling, and crashing to the ground by themselves.


Because the buildings the devs constructed weren't structurally proper to support their own weight!

THAT's the kind of physics you're gonna be dealing with! The devs had to build the buildings like an engineer would because otherwise they'd fall down by themselves if you put the slightest weight in them or something.

LinuxGuru3724d ago (Edited 3724d ago )

Does anyone have any IDEA how many calculations per second are going on at all times during a red faction level?

That engine is constantly determining if the buildings are structurally sound, what kind of pressure is being put on it, how gravity is affecting it, etc.etc.

If you take out a support that the building would need to be'll eventually crumble and fall to the ground.

Now I need you guys to watch something:

After watching that...I dare you to tell me that any other game with deformation / destruction seems interesting.